Re: LED backlight on Droid 4 and others

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Jan 05 2020 - 17:19:01 EST


> > It would be good to get LED backlight to work in clean way for 5.6
> > kernel.
> I agree, this is badly needed for many devices.
> > [If you have an idea what else is needed, it would be welcome; it
> > works for me in development tree but not in tree I'd like to
> > upstream.]
> I have some version of these patches working with modified dts in my
> droid4-pending-v5.4 branch git branch, maybe try to diff against that.

Thanks a lot. I was missing 7dc08cb9ac7baff1601f65f66c4c611f841abc64.

Best regards,