Linux 5.5-rc7

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Jan 19 2020 - 19:16:24 EST

Well, things picked up at the end of the week, with half of my merges
happening in the last two days.

Whether that is the usual "send the weeks work to Linus on Friday", or
a sign that things are just picking up in general after the holidays,
I don't know. If the former, I'll probably just release the final 5.5
next week. But if it looks like there's pent-up fixes pending next
week, I'll make another rc.

Nothing in here looks particularly odd. Drivers is about half of the
patch (networking, sound, gpio, gpu, scsi, usb, you name it), with the
rest being the usual mix - arch, networking, filesystems, core
kernel.. The diffstat looks mostly fairly nice and flat, with a
couple of exceptions that look harmless (a few device tree file
updates, some pure code movemment, and a couple of driver fixes that
ended up changing calling conventions to get done and as a result got
to be more lines than the bug otherwise would have merited).

Please do test, there should be nothing scary going on.



Aaron Liu (1):
drm/amdgpu: update goldensetting for renoir

Adam Ford (1):
arm64: dts: imx8mm: Change SDMA1 ahb clock for imx8mm

Adam Ludkiewicz (1):
i40e: Set PHY Access flag on X722

Adrian Huang (1):
mm: memcg/slab: call flush_memcg_workqueue() only if memcg
workqueue is valid

Akeem G Abodunrin (1):
drm/i915/gen9: Clear residual context state on context switch

Al Viro (2):
reimplement path_mountpoint() with less magic
fix autofs regression caused by follow_managed() changes

Alexander Lobakin (2):
net: dsa: tag_gswip: fix typo in tagger name
net: dsa: tag_qca: fix doubled Tx statistics

Alexandre Belloni (1):
ARM: dts: imx6q-dhcom: fix rtc compatible

Alexandru Tachici (1):
iio: adc: ad7124: Fix DT channel configuration

Angus Ainslie (Purism) (1):
arm64: dts: imx8mq-librem5-devkit: use correct interrupt for the

Anson Huang (4):
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sabresd: Remove incorrect power supply assignment
ARM: dts: imx6sx-sdb: Remove incorrect power supply assignment
ARM: dts: imx6sl-evk: Remove incorrect power supply assignment
ARM: dts: imx6sll-evk: Remove incorrect power supply assignment

Ard Biesheuvel (1):
x86/efistub: Disable paging at mixed mode entry

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
perf map: Set kmap->kmaps backpointer for main kernel map chunks

Arnaud Pouliquen (1):
ASoC: sti: fix possible sleep-in-atomic

Arnd Bergmann (8):
ARM: omap2plus: select RESET_CONTROLLER
crypto: hisilicon/sec2 - Use atomics instead of __sync
cpu/SMT: Fix x86 link error without CONFIG_SYSFS
time/posix-stubs: Provide compat itimer supoprt for alpha
coresight: etm4x: Fix unused function warning
wireless: wext: avoid gcc -O3 warning
scsi: fnic: fix invalid stack access

Arvind Sankar (1):
efi/earlycon: Fix write-combine mapping on x86

Bard liao (1):
ASoC: SOF: Intel: lower print level to dbg if we will reinit DSP

Bijan Mottahedeh (1):
io_uring: clear req->result always before issuing a read/write request

Brandon Wyman (1):
ARM: dts: aspeed: rainier: Fix fan fault and presence

Brendan Higgins (1):
lkdtm/bugs: fix build error in lkdtm_UNSET_SMEP

Brett Creeley (1):
i40e: Fix virtchnl_queue_select bitmap validation

Cambda Zhu (1):
ixgbe: Fix calculation of queue with VFs and flow director on
interface flap

Chen-Yu Tsai (1):
clk: sunxi-ng: r40: Allow setting parent rate for external clock outputs

Chris Wilson (3):
drm/i915/gt: Skip trying to unbind in restore_ggtt_mappings
drm/i915/gt: Mark context->state vma as active while pinned
drm/i915/gt: Mark ring->vma as active while pinned

Christian Brauner (1):
ptrace: reintroduce usage of subjective credentials in ptrace_has_cap()

Chuansheng Liu (1):
x86/mce/therm_throt: Do not access uninitialized therm_work

Chuck Lever (3):
xprtrdma: Fix create_qp crash on device unload
xprtrdma: Fix completion wait during device removal
xprtrdma: Fix oops in Receive handler after device removal

Colin Ian King (1):
net/wan/fsl_ucc_hdlc: fix out of bounds write on array utdm_info

Cong Wang (2):
netfilter: fix a use-after-free in mtype_destroy()
net: avoid updating qdisc_xmit_lock_key in netdev_update_lockdep_key()

Damien Le Moal (1):
null_blk: Fix zone write handling

Dan Carpenter (2):
scsi: mptfusion: Fix double fetch bug in ioctl
netfilter: nf_tables: fix memory leak in nf_tables_parse_netdev_hooks()

Dan Murphy (2):
net: phy: DP83TC811: Fix typo in Kconfig
net: phy: DP83822: Update Kconfig with DP83825I support

Daniel Borkmann (1):
bpf: Fix incorrect verifier simulation of ARSH under ALU32

Daniel Campello (1):
platform/chrome: wilco_ec: Fix keyboard backlight probing

Dave Gerlach (1):
soc: ti: wkup_m3_ipc: Fix race condition with rproc_boot

David Ahern (1):
ipv4: Detect rollover in specific fib table dump

David Hildenbrand (1):
mm/memory_hotplug: don't free usage map when removing a re-added
early section

David Howells (3):
keys: Fix request_key() cache
afs: Fix use-after-loss-of-ref
afs: Fix afs_lookup() to not clobber the version on a new dentry

David Woodhouse (1):
Documentation/process: Add Amazon contact for embargoed hardware issues

Dinh Nguyen (1):
arm64: dts: agilex/stratix10: fix pmu interrupt numbers

Dmitry Osipenko (4):
clk: tegra: Fix double-free in tegra_clk_init()
ASoC: rt5640: Fix NULL dereference on module unload
i2c: tegra: Fix suspending in active runtime PM state
i2c: tegra: Properly disable runtime PM on driver's probe error

Eric Dumazet (5):
net: usb: lan78xx: limit size of local TSO packets
tick/sched: Annotate lockless access to last_jiffies_update
macvlan: use skb_reset_mac_header() in macvlan_queue_xmit()
net/sched: act_ife: initalize ife->metalist earlier
net: sched: act_ctinfo: fix memory leak

Esben Haabendal (2):
mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix suspend/resume problem
mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Restore nfc timing setup after suspend/resume

Eyal Birger (1):
netfilter: nat: fix ICMP header corruption on ICMP errors

Felix Fietkau (3):
cfg80211: fix memory leak in nl80211_probe_mesh_link
cfg80211: fix memory leak in cfg80211_cqm_rssi_update
cfg80211: fix page refcount issue in A-MSDU decap

Filipe Manana (1):
Btrfs: always copy scrub arguments back to user space

Florian Fainelli (2):
net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Configure IMP port for 2Gb/sec
net: systemport: Fixed queue mapping in internal ring map

Florian Westphal (5):
netfilter: arp_tables: init netns pointer in xt_tgdtor_param struct
netfilter: nft_tunnel: fix null-attribute check
netfilter: nft_tunnel: ERSPAN_VERSION must not be null
netfilter: nf_tables: remove WARN and add NLA_STRING upper limits
netfilter: nf_tables: fix flowtable list del corruption

Ganapathi Bhat (1):
wireless: fix enabling channel 12 for custom regulatory domain

Georgi Djakov (1):
clk: qcom: gcc-sdm845: Add missing flag to votable GDSCs

Gerd Hoffmann (1):
drm/virtio: add missing virtio_gpu_array_lock_resv call

Greentime Hu (1):
riscv: make sure the cores stay looping in .Lsecondary_park

Guenter Roeck (1):
clk: Don't try to enable critical clocks if prepare failed

Guido GÃnther (1):
iio: light: vcnl4000: Fix scale for vcnl4040

Guillaume La Roque (1):
arm64: dts: meson-sm1-sei610: add gpio bluetooth interrupt

Hans de Goede (4):
efi/libstub/random: Initialize pointer variables to zero for mixed mode
ASoC: Intel: bytcht_es8316: Fix Irbis NB41 netbook quirk
platform/x86: GPD pocket fan: Use default values when wrong
modparams are given
platform/x86: GPD pocket fan: Allow somewhat lower/higher
temperature limits

Harald Freudenberger (2):
s390/zcrypt: Fix CCA cipher key gen with clear key value function
s390/zcrypt: move ap device reset from bus to driver code

Harry Pan (1):
platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: update Comet Lake platform driver

Hewenliang (1):
tools lib traceevent: Fix memory leakage in filter_event

Ian Abbott (2):
staging: comedi: ni_routes: fix null dereference in ni_find_route_source()
staging: comedi: ni_routes: allow partial routing information

Ido Schimmel (4):
devlink: Wait longer before warning about unset port type
mlxsw: spectrum: Do not enforce same firmware version for multiple ASICs
mlxsw: spectrum: Do not modify cloned SKBs during xmit
mlxsw: switchx2: Do not modify cloned SKBs during xmit

Ikjoon Jang (1):
cpuidle: teo: Fix intervals[] array indexing bug

Ilie Halip (1):
riscv: delete temporary files

Jacob Keller (2):
devlink: correct misspelling of snapshot
doc: fix typo of snapshot in documentation

Jagan Teki (1):
ARM: dts: imx6q-icore-mipi: Use 1.5 version of i.Core MX6DL

Jakub Kicinski (3):
net/tls: avoid spurious decryption error with HW resync
net/tls: fix async operation
MAINTAINERS: update my email address

James Bottomley (1):
scsi: enclosure: Fix stale device oops with hot replug

Jari Ruusu (1):
Fix built-in early-load Intel microcode alignment

Jeff Kirsher (1):
e1000e: Revert "e1000e: Make watchdog use delayed work"

Jens Axboe (5):
io_uring: don't setup async context for read/write fixed
io-wq: cancel work if we fail getting a mm reference
io_uring: be consistent in assigning next work from handler
io_uring: ensure workqueue offload grabs ring mutex for poll list
io_uring: only allow submit from owning task

JerÃnimo Borque (1):
USB: serial: simple: Add Motorola Solutions TETRA MTP3xxx and MTP85xx

Jian-Hong Pan (1):
platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix keyboard brightness cannot be set to 0

Jin Yao (1):
perf report: Fix incorrectly added dimensions as switch perf data file

Joel Stanley (5):
ARM: dts: aspeed-g6: Fix FSI master location
ARM: dts: aspeed: tacoma: Fix fsi master node
ARM: dts: aspeed: tacoma: Remove duplicate i2c busses
ARM: dts: aspeed: tacoma: Remove duplicate flash nodes
ARM: dts: aspeed: rainier: Remove duplicate i2c busses

Johan Hovold (10):
NFC: pn533: fix bulk-message timeout
ALSA: usb-audio: fix sync-ep altsetting sanity check
USB: serial: opticon: fix control-message timeouts
r8152: add missing endpoint sanity check
USB: serial: suppress driver bind attributes
USB: serial: ch341: handle unbound port at reset_resume
USB: serial: io_edgeport: handle unbound ports on URB completion
USB: serial: io_edgeport: add missing active-port sanity check
USB: serial: keyspan: handle unbound ports
USB: serial: quatech2: handle unbound ports

Johannes Berg (1):
cfg80211: check for set_wiphy_params

Johannes Thumshirn (1):
btrfs: fix memory leak in qgroup accounting

John Fastabend (8):
bpf: Sockmap/tls, during free we may call tcp_bpf_unhash() in loop
bpf: Sockmap, ensure sock lock held during tear down
bpf: Sockmap/tls, push write_space updates through ulp updates
bpf: Sockmap, skmsg helper overestimates push, pull, and pop bounds
bpf: Sockmap/tls, msg_push_data may leave end mark in place
bpf: Sockmap/tls, tls_sw can create a plaintext buf > encrypt buf
bpf: Sockmap/tls, skmsg can have wrapped skmsg that needs extra chaining
bpf: Sockmap/tls, fix pop data with SK_DROP return code

Jose Abreu (5):
net: stmmac: selftests: Update status when disabling RSS
net: stmmac: tc: Do not setup flower filtering if RSS is enabled
net: stmmac: selftests: Make it work in Synopsys AXS101 boards
net: stmmac: selftests: Mark as fail when received VLAN ID != expected
net: stmmac: selftests: Guard VLAN Perfect test against non supported HW

Josef Bacik (4):
btrfs: rework arguments of btrfs_unlink_subvol
btrfs: fix invalid removal of root ref
btrfs: do not delete mismatched root refs
btrfs: check rw_devices, not num_devices for balance

Jouni Malinen (1):
mac80211: Fix TKIP replay protection immediately after key setup

Kai Vehmanen (2):
ASoC: SOF: Intel: fix HDA codec driver probe with multiple controllers
ASoC: hdac_hda: Fix error in driver removal after failed probe

Kan Liang (3):
perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add PCI ID of IMC for Xeon E3 V5 Family
perf/x86/intel/uncore: Fix missing marker for
perf/x86/intel/uncore: Remove PCIe3 unit for SNR

Kees Cook (1):
lkdtm/bugs: Make double-fault test always available

Keiya Nobuta (1):
usb: core: hub: Improved device recognition on remote wakeup

Kevin Hao (1):
Revert "gpio: thunderx: Switch to GPIOLIB_IRQCHIP"

Kevin Hilman (1):
arm64: dts: meson-sm1-sei610: gpio-keys: switch to IRQs

Kirill A. Shutemov (2):
mm/huge_memory.c: thp: fix conflict of above-47bit hint address
and PMD alignment
mm/shmem.c: thp, shmem: fix conflict of above-47bit hint address
and PMD alignment

Kishon Vijay Abraham I (3):
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15/am57xx-idk: Remove "gpios" for
endpoint dt nodes
ARM: dts: am571x-idk: Fix gpios property to have the correct gpio number
ARM: dts: beagle-x15-common: Model 5V0 regulator

Kristian Evensen (2):
USB: serial: option: Add support for Quectel RM500Q
qmi_wwan: Add support for Quectel RM500Q

Krzysztof Kozlowski (2):
parisc: Use proper printk format for resource_size_t
i2c: iop3xx: Fix memory leak in probe error path

Kunihiko Hayashi (1):
net: ethernet: ave: Avoid lockdep warning

Lars MÃllendorf (1):
iio: buffer: align the size of scan bytes to size of the largest element

Ley Foon Tan (1):
MAINTAINERS: Update Ley Foon Tan's email address

Liming Sun (1):
platform/mellanox: fix potential deadlock in the tmfifo driver

Lingpeng Chen (1):
bpf/sockmap: Read psock ingress_msg before sk_receive_queue

Linus Torvalds (1):
Linux 5.5-rc7

Long Li (1):
scsi: storvsc: Correctly set number of hardware queues for IDE disk

Lorenz Bauer (1):
net: bpf: Don't leak time wait and request sockets

Lorenzo Bianconi (1):
net: mvneta: fix dma sync size in mvneta_run_xdp

Lubomir Rintel (3):
ARM: mmp: do not divide the clock rate
clk: mmp2: Fix the order of timer mux parents
ARM: dts: mmp3: Fix the TWSI ranges

Madhuparna Bhowmik (1):
net: wan: lapbether.c: Use built-in RCU list checking

Manfred Rudigier (1):
igb: Fix SGMII SFP module discovery for 100FX/LX.

Manivannan Sadhasivam (1):
MAINTAINERS: Add myself as the co-maintainer for Actions Semi platforms

Marcel Ziswiler (1):
ARM: dts: imx7: Fix Toradex Colibri iMX7S 256MB NAND flash support

Marek Szyprowski (2):
ARM: dts: sun8i: a83t: Correct USB3503 GPIOs polarity
clk: samsung: exynos5420: Keep top G3D clocks enabled

Marek Vasut (1):
ARM: dts: imx6q-dhcom: Fix SGTL5000 VDDIO regulator connection

Mario Kleiner (1):
drm/amd/display: Reorder detect_edp_sink_caps before link settings read.

Mark Rutland (1):
perf: Correctly handle failed perf_get_aux_event()

Markus Theil (2):
mac80211: mesh: restrict airtime metric to peered established plinks
cfg80211: fix deadlocks in autodisconnect work

Martin Blumenstingl (4):
ARM: dts: meson8: fix the size of the PMU registers
soc: amlogic: meson-ee-pwrc: propagate PD provider registration errors
soc: amlogic: meson-ee-pwrc: propagate errors from pm_genpd_init()
dt-bindings: reset: meson8b: fix duplicate reset IDs

Martin KaFai Lau (1):
bpftool: Fix printing incorrect pointer in btf_dump_ptr

Martin Schiller (1):
net/x25: fix nonblocking connect

Mathieu Desnoyers (2):
rseq: Reject unknown flags on rseq unregister
rseq: Unregister rseq for clone CLONE_VM

Michael Chan (3):
bnxt_en: Fix NTUPLE firmware command failures.
bnxt_en: Fix ipv6 RFS filter matching logic.
bnxt_en: Do not treat DSN (Digital Serial Number) read failure as fatal.

Michael Grzeschik (1):
net: phy: dp83867: Set FORCE_LINK_GOOD to default after reset

Michael Walle (1):
mtd: spi-nor: Fix quad enable for Spansion like flashes

Mike Rapoport (3):
asm-generic/nds32: don't redefine cacheflush primitives
nds32: fix build failure caused by page table folding updates
parisc: fix map_pages() to actually populate upper directory

Miklos Szeredi (1):
fuse: fix fuse_send_readpages() in the syncronous read case

Mikulas Patocka (1):
block: fix an integer overflow in logical block size

Milind Parab (1):
net: macb: fix for fixed-link mode

Ming Lei (1):
block: fix get_max_segment_size() overflow on 32bit arch

Mohammed Gamal (1):
hv_netvsc: Fix memory leak when removing rndis device

Nishad Kamdar (1):
platform/x86: intel-ips: Use the correct style for SPDX License Identifier

Olivier Moysan (2):
ASoC: stm32: sai: fix possible circular locking
ASoC: stm32: dfsdm: fix 16 bits record

Olof Johansson (1):
riscv: Less inefficient gcc tishift helpers (and export their symbols)

Orr Mazor (1):
cfg80211: Fix radar event during another phy CAC

Pablo Neira Ayuso (1):
netfilter: nf_tables: store transaction list locally while
requesting module

Paul Cercueil (1):
irqchip/ingenic: Get rid of the legacy IRQ domain

Peng Fan (1):
ARM: dts: imx7ulp: fix reg of cpu node

Pengcheng Yang (1):
tcp: fix marked lost packets not being retransmitted

Peter Ujfalusi (1):
clk: ti: dra7-atl: Remove pm_runtime_irq_safe()

Petr Machata (3):
selftests: mlxsw: qos_mc_aware: Fix mausezahn invocation
mlxsw: spectrum: Wipe xstats.backlog of down ports
mlxsw: spectrum_qdisc: Include MC TCs in Qdisc counters

Philipp Rudo (1):
s390/setup: Fix secure ipl message

Qian Cai (1):
x86/resctrl: Fix an imbalance in domain_remove_cpu()

Qu Wenruo (1):
btrfs: relocation: fix reloc_root lifespan and access

Radoslaw Tyl (1):
ixgbevf: Remove limit of 10 entries for unicast filter list

Rahul Lakkireddy (2):
cxgb4: fix Tx multi channel port rate limit
cxgb4: reject overlapped queues in TC-MQPRIO offload

Randy Dunlap (1):
futex: Fix kernel-doc notation warning

Reinhard Speyerer (1):
USB: serial: option: add support for Quectel RM500Q in QDL mode

Robin Murphy (1):
arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix IR on Beelink A1

Roman Gushchin (1):
mm: memcg/slab: fix percpu slab vmstats flushing

Samuel Holland (3):
clk: sunxi-ng: sun8i-r: Fix divider on APB0 clock
clk: sunxi-ng: h6-r: Simplify R_APB1 clock definition
clk: sunxi-ng: h6-r: Fix AR100/R_APB2 parent order

Sergei Shtylyov (1):
sh_eth: check sh_eth_cpu_data::dual_port when dumping registers

Shakeel Butt (1):
x86/resctrl: Fix potential memory leak

Stefan Assmann (1):
iavf: remove current MAC address filter on VF reset

Stefan Mavrodiev (2):
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: olinuxino: Fix eMMC supply regulator
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: olinuxino: Fix SDIO supply regulator

Stephan Gerhold (4):
iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: Fix selection of ST_LSM6DS3_ID
ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix selected events for MIC BIAS External1
ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix MIC BIAS Internal1
ASoC: msm8916-wcd-digital: Reset RX interpolation path after use

Sumit Garg (1):
optee: Fix multi page dynamic shm pool alloc

Sunil Muthuswamy (1):
hv_sock: Remove the accept port restriction

Sven Eckelmann (1):
batman-adv: Fix DAT candidate selection on little endian systems

Takashi Iwai (3):
ASoC: Fix NULL dereference at freeing
ALSA: hda: Rename back to dmic_detect option
ALSA: seq: Fix racy access for queue timer in proc read

Takashi Sakamoto (2):
ALSA: firewire-tascam: fix corruption due to spin lock without
restoration in SoftIRQ context
ALSA: dice: fix fallback from protocol extension into limited

Tobias Schramm (1):
drm/rockchip: fix integer type used for storing dp data rate

Tom Lendacky (1):
x86/CPU/AMD: Ensure clearing of SME/SEV features is maintained

Tomasz Duszynski (1):
iio: chemical: pms7003: fix unmet triggered buffer dependency

Tony Lindgren (2):
ARM: OMAP2+: Fix ti_sysc_find_one_clockdomain to check for to_clk_hw_omap
bus: ti-sysc: Fix iterating over clocks

Tvrtko Ursulin (1):
drm/i915/pmu: Do not use colons or dashes in PMU names

Vadim Pasternak (2):
Documentation/ABI: Fix documentation inconsistency for mlxreg-io
sysfs interfaces
Documentation/ABI: Add missed attribute for mlxreg-io sysfs interfaces

Vignesh Raghavendra (1):
mtd: spi-nor: Fix selection of 4-byte addressing opcodes on Spansion

Vincenzo Frascino (1):
lib/vdso: Make __cvdso_clock_getres() static

Vladimir Oltean (1):
net: dsa: sja1105: Don't error out on disabled ports with no phy-mode

Vladis Dronov (1):
ptp: free ptp device pin descriptors properly

Vlastimil Babka (2):
mm, thp: tweak reclaim/compaction effort of local-only and
all-node allocations
mm, debug_pagealloc: don't rely on static keys too early

Waiman Long (2):
locking/lockdep: Fix buffer overrun problem in stack_trace[]
locking/rwsem: Fix kernel crash when spinning on RWSEM_OWNER_UNKNOWN

Wayne Lin (2):
drm/dp_mst: clear time slots for ports invalid
drm/dp_mst: Have DP_Tx send one msg at a time

Wen Yang (3):
mm/page-writeback.c: avoid potential division by zero in
mm/page-writeback.c: use div64_ul() for u64-by-unsigned-long divide
mm/page-writeback.c: improve arithmetic divisions

Xiang Chen (1):
scsi: sd: Clear sdkp->protection_type if disk is reformatted without PI

Yang Shi (1):
mm: khugepaged: add trace status description for SCAN_PAGE_HAS_PRIVATE

Yinbo Zhu (1):
arm64: dts: ls1028a: fix endian setting for dcfg

Yonglong Liu (1):
net: hns: fix soft lockup when there is not enough memory

Yu-Hsuan Hsu (1):
ASoC: cros_ec_codec: Make the device acpi compatible

YueHaibing (1):
drm/i915: Add missing include file <linux/math64.h>

Yunhao Tian (1):
clk: sunxi-ng: v3s: Fix incorrect number of hw_clks.

Yunsheng Lin (1):
net: hns3: pad the short frame before sending to the hardware

Yuya Fujita (1):
perf hists: Fix variable name's inconsistency in hists__for_each() macro