Linux 5.7-rc5

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun May 10 2020 - 18:36:06 EST

So we've had a calm release so far, with most of the rc's up until now
smaller than average.

That changes with rc5, which is still pretty much in line with
historical data, but rather than being slightly on the small side, it
is slightly larger than average for this time in the release cycle.

And for once, this is not really a source of concern for me. Because
as mentioned last weekend for the rc4 release, the last rc was likely
smaller simply because that week hadn't seen any networking updates,
nor some of the usual driver pull requests.

So 5.7-rc5 is a bit larger than the last few rc5's have been - but it
was something I was expecting simply because of some pent-up pull
requests that came in this week rather than the week before.

And while being slightly larger than usual, it's by no means
outrageously so. It may have set a new record for number of non-merge
commits in the 5.x series, but it did so by one single measly commit:
300 commits in 5.7-rc5 vs 299 commits in 5.6-rc5 (while the average
for this time in the release cycle hovers just over 200).

So nothing in here looks all that worrisome. The diffstat looks fairly
nice and flat, and the slightly elevated commit count does seem to be
just the usual timing fluctuation.

The changes are spread out, with nothing really dominating. Drivers,
networking, arch updates, kvm, tooling, documentation.. A little bit
of everything, and nothing that looks outrageous.

We'll see what the next few weeks bring, but at least for now it all
feels normal, and like the 5.7 release is tracking well.

So please keep testing, and if you haven't dared a 5.7 pre-release
kernel yet, we're well into the "things look calm and safe to test"

I dare you all to prove me wrong. Go ahead, make my day ;)



Ahmed Abdelsalam (1):
seg6: fix SRH processing to comply with RFC8754

Alan Maguire (2):
ftrace/selftests: workaround cgroup RT scheduling issues
ftrace/selftest: make unresolved cases cause failure if
--fail-unresolved set

Alan Stern (2):
HID: usbhid: Fix race between usbhid_close() and usbhid_stop()
USB: core: Fix misleading driver bug report

Alex Elder (3):
net: ipa: fix a bug in ipa_endpoint_stop()
net: ipa: fix an error message in gsi_channel_init_one()
net: ipa: zero return code before issuing generic EE command

Alexey Dobriyan (1):
nvme-pci: fix "slimmer CQ head update"

Andreas Schwab (1):
riscv: add Linux note to vdso

Andy Shevchenko (2):
net: macb: Fix runtime PM refcounting
stmmac: intel: Fix kernel crash due to wrong error path

Anthony Felice (1):
net: tc35815: Fix phydev supported/advertising mask

Antoine Tenart (1):
net: macsec: fix rtnl locking issue

Anup Patel (3):
RISC-V: Export riscv_cpuid_to_hartid_mask() API
RISC-V: Add bitmap reprensenting ISA features common across CPUs
RISC-V: Remove N-extension related defines

Archana Patni (1):
platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: Change Jasper Lake S0ix debug reg
map back to ICL

Arnd Bergmann (6):
netfilter: nf_osf: avoid passing pointer to local var
HID: mcp2221: add gpiolib dependency
drop_monitor: work around gcc-10 stringop-overflow warning
sun6i: dsi: fix gcc-4.8
cxgb4/chcr: avoid -Wreturn-local-addr warning
platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: avoid unused-function warnings

Artem Borisov (1):
HID: alps: Add AUI1657 device ID

Arun Easi (1):
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hang when issuing nvme disconnect-all in NPIV

Atish Patra (1):
RISC-V: Remove unused code from STRICT_KERNEL_RWX

Aurabindo Pillai (1):
drm/amd/display: Prevent dpcd reads with passive dongles

Aya Levin (1):
devlink: Fix reporter's recovery condition

Aymeric Agon-Rambosson (1):
scripts/gdb: repair rb_first() and rb_last()

Baruch Siach (1):
net: phy: marvell10g: fix temperature sensor on 2110

Bjorn Andersson (1):
phy: qualcomm: usb-hs-28nm: Prepare clocks in init

Brian King (1):
scsi: ibmvfc: Don't send implicit logouts prior to NPIV login

Bryan O'Donoghue (1):
usb: chipidea: msm: Ensure proper controller reset using role switch API

ChenTao (1):
interconnect: qcom: Move the static keyword to the front of declaration

Christian Borntraeger (1):
KVM: s390: Remove false WARN_ON_ONCE for the PQAP instruction

Christian Gromm (1):
most: core: use function subsys_initcall()

Christoph Hellwig (3):
vboxsf: don't use the source name in the bdi name
bdi: move bdi_dev_name out of line
bdi: add a ->dev_name field to struct backing_dev_info

Christophe JAILLET (2):
net/sonic: Fix a resource leak in an error handling path in
net: moxa: Fix a potential double 'free_irq()'

Clay McClure (1):
net: Make PTP-specific drivers depend on PTP_1588_CLOCK

Colin Ian King (1):
net: stmmac: gmac5+: fix potential integer overflow on 32 bit multiply

Cong Wang (3):
net_sched: fix tcm_parent in tc filter dump
atm: fix a UAF in lec_arp_clear_vccs()
atm: fix a memory leak of vcc->user_back

Dan Carpenter (4):
platform/x86: surface3_power: Fix a NULL vs IS_ERR() check in probe
bus: mhi: core: Fix a NULL vs IS_ERR check in mhi_create_devices()
net: mvpp2: prevent buffer overflow in mvpp22_rss_ctx()
net: mvpp2: cls: Prevent buffer overflow in mvpp2_ethtool_cls_rule_del()

Dan Murphy (2):
net: phy: DP83822: Fix WoL in config init to be disabled
net: phy: DP83TC811: Fix WoL in config init to be disabled

Daniel Kolesa (1):
drm/amd/display: work around fp code being emitted outside of

Daniel Playfair Cal (1):
HID: i2c-hid: reset Synaptics SYNA2393 on resume

David Ahern (1):
ipv6: Use global sernum for dst validation with nexthop objects

David Hildenbrand (1):
mm/page_alloc: fix watchdog soft lockups during set_zone_contiguous()

Dejin Zheng (3):
net: macb: fix an issue about leak related system resources
net: enetc: fix an issue about leak system resources
net: broadcom: fix a mistake about ioremap resource

Erez Shitrit (1):
net/mlx5: DR, On creation set CQ's arm_db member to right value

Eric Dumazet (7):
net: remove obsolete comment
fq_codel: fix TCA_FQ_CODEL_DROP_BATCH_SIZE sanity checks
sch_choke: avoid potential panic in choke_reset()
sch_sfq: validate silly quantum values
net_sched: sch_skbprio: add message validation to skbprio_change()
selftests: net: tcp_mmap: clear whole tcp_zerocopy_receive struct
selftests: net: tcp_mmap: fix SO_RCVLOWAT setting

Evan Quan (2):
drm/amdgpu: move kfd suspend after ip_suspend_phase1
drm/amdgpu: drop redundant cg/pg ungate on runpm enter

Fabian Schindlatz (1):
HID: logitech: Add support for Logitech G11 extra keys

Fangrui Song (1):
KVM: arm64: Delete duplicated label in invalid_vector

Filipe Manana (1):
percpu: make pcpu_alloc() aware of current gfp context

Florian Fainelli (3):
Revert "tty: serial: bcm63xx: fix missing clk_put() in bcm63xx_uart"
net: dsa: Do not make user port errors fatal
net: dsa: Do not leave DSA master with NULL netdev_ops

Florian Westphal (1):
mptcp: replace mptcp_disconnect with a stub

FrÃdÃric Pierret (fepitre) (1):
gcc-common.h: Update for GCC 10

Gavin Shan (1):
net/ena: Fix build warning in ena_xdp_set()

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
ionic: Use debugfs_create_bool() to export bool

George Spelvin (1):
batman-adv: fix batadv_nc_random_weight_tq

Grygorii Strashko (1):
net: ethernet: ti: am65-cpsw-nuss: fix irqs type

Guillaume Nault (1):
netfilter: nat: never update the UDP checksum when it's 0

Gurchetan Singh (1):
drm/virtio: create context before RESOURCE_CREATE_2D in 3D mode

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
uapi: revert flexible-array conversions

Gwendal Grignou (1):
platform/chrome: cros_ec_sensorhub: Allocate sensorhub resource
before claiming sensors

H. Nikolaus Schaller (1):
drm: ingenic-drm: add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE

Hans de Goede (2):
HID: quirks: Add HID_QUIRK_NO_INIT_REPORTS quirk for Dell K12A
platform/x86: asus-nb-wmi: Do not load on Asus T100TA and T200TA

Heikki Krogerus (1):
usb: typec: intel_pmc_mux: Fix the property names

Henry Willard (1):
mm: limit boost_watermark on small zones

Ido Schimmel (1):
net: bridge: vlan: Add a schedule point during VLAN processing

Ivan Delalande (1):
scripts/decodecode: fix trapping instruction formatting

Jacob Keller (1):
ice: cleanup language in ice.rst for

Jakub Kicinski (1):
devlink: fix return value after hitting end in region read

James Hilliard (1):
component: Silence bind error on -EPROBE_DEFER

Janakarajan Natarajan (1):
arch/x86/kvm/svm/sev.c: change flag passed to GUP fast in sev_pin_memory()

Jann Horn (1):
x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in rewind_stack_do_exit()

Jason A. Donenfeld (8):
wireguard: queueing: cleanup ptr_ring in error path of packet_queue_init
crypto: arch/lib - limit simd usage to 4k chunks
crypto: arch/nhpoly1305 - process in explicit 4k chunks
wireguard: selftests: use normal kernel stack size on ppc64
wireguard: socket: remove errant restriction on looping to self
wireguard: send/receive: cond_resched() when processing worker ringbuffers
wireguard: selftests: initalize ipv6 members to NULL to squelch
clang warning
wireguard: send/receive: use explicit unlikely branch instead of
implicit coalescing

Jason Gerecke (3):
HID: wacom: Read HID_DG_CONTACTMAX directly for non-generic devices
Revert "HID: wacom: generic: read the number of expected touches
on a per collection basis"
HID: wacom: Report 2nd-gen Intuos Pro S center button status over BT

Jason Yan (2):
platform/x86/intel-uncore-freq: make uncore_root_kobj static
net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: remove duplicate assignment of struct members

Jeff Layton (1):
ceph: fix endianness bug when handling MDS session feature bits

Jeffrey Hugo (5):
bus: mhi: core: Make sure to powerdown if mhi_sync_power_up fails
bus: mhi: core: Remove link_status() callback
bus: mhi: core: Offload register accesses to the controller
bus: mhi: core: Fix typo in comment
bus: mhi: core: Fix channel device name conflict

Jens Axboe (1):
io_uring: don't use 'fd' for openat/openat2/statx

Jeremy Linton (1):
usb: usbfs: correct kernel->user page attribute mismatch

Jia He (1):
vhost: vsock: kick send_pkt worker once device is started

Jiri Kosina (1):
HID: alps: ALPS_1657 is too specific; use U1_UNICORN_LEGACY instead

Jiri Pirko (1):
mlxsw: spectrum_acl_tcam: Position vchunk in a vregion list properly

Joerg Roedel (5):
iommu/amd: Fix race in increase_address_space()/fetch_pte()
iommu/amd: Do not loop forever when trying to increase address space
iommu/amd: Call domain_flush_complete() in update_domain()
iommu/amd: Update Device Table in increase_address_space()
iommu/amd: Do not flush Device Table in iommu_map_page()

John Stultz (5):
phy: qcom-qusb2: Re add "qcom,sdm845-qusb2-phy" compat string
driver core: Revert default driver_deferred_probe_timeout value to 0
driver core: Use dev_warn() instead of dev_WARN() for
deferred_probe_timeout warnings
driver core: Ensure wait_for_device_probe() waits until the
deferred_probe_timeout fires
regulator: Revert "Use driver_deferred_probe_timeout for

Josh Poimboeuf (12):
objtool: Fix stack offset tracking for indirect CFAs
x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in register clearing code
x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in kernel exit path
x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in __switch_to_asm()
x86/unwind/orc: Convert global variables to static
x86/unwind: Prevent false warnings for non-current tasks
x86/unwind/orc: Prevent unwinding before ORC initialization
x86/unwind/orc: Fix error path for bad ORC entry type
x86/unwind/orc: Fix premature unwind stoppage due to IRET frames
objtool: Fix infinite loop in for_offset_range()
x86/unwind/orc: Move ORC sorting variables under !CONFIG_MODULES
objtool: Fix infinite loop in find_jump_table()

Jules Irenge (1):
cxgb4: Add missing annotation for service_ofldq()

Julia Lawall (2):
dp83640: reverse arguments to list_add_tail
iommu/virtio: Reverse arguments to list_add

Julian Wiedmann (1):
s390/qeth: fix cancelling of TX timer on dev_close()

Juliet Kim (1):
ibmvnic: Skip fatal error reset after passive init

KP Singh (1):
security: Fix the default value of fs_context_parse_param hook

Kashyap Chamarthy (1):
docs/virt/kvm: Document configuring and running nested guests

Kees Cook (2):
gcc-plugins/stackleak: Avoid assignment for unused macro argument

Khazhismel Kumykov (1):
eventpoll: fix missing wakeup for ovflist in ep_poll_callback

Kishon Vijay Abraham I (1):
MAINTAINERS: Add Vinod Koul as Generic PHY co-maintainer

Konstantin Khlebnikov (1):
ftrace/x86: Fix trace event registration for syscalls without arguments

Linus Torvalds (9):
gcc-10 warnings: fix low-hanging fruit
Stop the ad-hoc games with -Wno-maybe-initialized
gcc-10: disable 'zero-length-bounds' warning for now
gcc-10: disable 'array-bounds' warning for now
gcc-10: disable 'stringop-overflow' warning for now
gcc-10: disable 'restrict' warning for now
gcc-10: avoid shadowing standard library 'free()' in crypto
gcc-10: mark more functions __init to avoid section mismatch warnings
Linux 5.7-rc5

Luis Chamberlain (1):
coredump: fix crash when umh is disabled

Luis Henriques (1):
ceph: demote quotarealm lookup warning to a debug message

Lukas Bulwahn (2):
MAINTAINERS: remove entry after hp100 driver removal

Maciej Grochowski (1):
kernel/kcov.c: fix typos in kcov_remote_start documentation

Manivannan Sadhasivam (1):
bus: mhi: Fix parsing of mhi_flags

Marc Zyngier (9):
KVM: arm: vgic: Fix limit condition when writing to GICD_I[CS]ACTIVER
KVM: arm64: PSCI: Narrow input registers when using 32bit functions
KVM: arm64: PSCI: Forbid 64bit functions for 32bit guests
KVM: arm: vgic: Synchronize the whole guest on GIC{D,R}_I{S,C}ACTIVER read
KVM: arm: vgic: Only use the virtual state when userspace
accesses enable bits
KVM: arm: vgic-v2: Only use the virtual state when userspace
accesses pending bits
KVM: arm64: Save/restore sp_el0 as part of __guest_enter
KVM: arm64: vgic-v4: Initialize GICv4.1 even in the absence of a
virtual ITS
KVM: arm64: Fix 32bit PC wrap-around

Mark Rutland (1):
arm64: hugetlb: avoid potential NULL dereference

Masami Hiramatsu (5):
selftests/ftrace: Make XFAIL green color
bootconfig: Fix to remove bootconfig data from initrd while boot
tracing/kprobes: Fix a double initialization typo
tracing/boottime: Fix kprobe event API usage
tracing/kprobes: Reject new event if loc is NULL

Matt Jolly (2):
net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for DW5816e
USB: serial: qcserial: Add DW5816e support

Maxim Petrov (1):
stmmac: fix pointer check after utilization in stmmac_interrupt

Michael Chan (4):
bnxt_en: Fix VF anti-spoof filter setup.
bnxt_en: Improve AER slot reset.
bnxt_en: Return error when allocating zero size context memory.
bnxt_en: Fix VLAN acceleration handling in bnxt_fix_features().

Michel DÃnzer (1):
drm/amdgpu/dc: Use WARN_ON_ONCE for ASSERT

Mika Westerberg (1):
thunderbolt: Check return value of tb_sw_read() in usb4_switch_op()

Miroslav Benes (1):
x86/unwind/orc: Don't skip the first frame for inactive tasks

Moshe Shemesh (2):
net/mlx5: Fix forced completion access non initialized command entry
net/mlx5: Fix command entry leak in Internal Error State

Murali Karicheri (1):
net: hsr: fix incorrect type usage for protocol variable

Nathan Chancellor (1):
hv_netvsc: Fix netvsc_start_xmit's return type

Nicolas Pitre (1):
vt: fix unicode console freeing with a common interface

Oleg Nesterov (1):
ipc/mqueue.c: change __do_notify() to bypass check_kill_permission()

Oliver Neukum (2):
USB: serial: garmin_gps: add sanity checking for data length
USB: uas: add quirk for LaCie 2Big Quadra

Oscar Carter (1):
staging: gasket: Check the return value of gasket_get_bar_index()

Pablo Neira Ayuso (1):
net: flow_offload: skip hw stats check for FLOW_ACTION_HW_STATS_DONT_CARE

Paolo Abeni (7):
mptcp: fix race in msk status update
mptcp: consolidate synack processing.
mptcp: move option parsing into mptcp_incoming_options()
mptcp: avoid a WARN on bad input.
mptcp: fix 'use_ack' option access.
mptcp: initialize the data_fin field for mpc packets
mptcp: fix uninitialized value access

Paolo Bonzini (3):
KVM: SVM: fill in kvm_run->debug.arch.dr[67]
kvm: ioapic: Restrict lazy EOI update to edge-triggered interrupts
kvm: x86: Use KVM CPU capabilities to determine CR4 reserved bits

Parav Pandit (3):
net/mlx5: E-switch, Fix error unwinding flow for steering init failure
net/mlx5: E-switch, Fix printing wrong error value
net/mlx5: E-switch, Fix mutex init order

Pavel Begunkov (1):
splice: move f_mode checks to do_{splice,tee}()

Peter Xu (2):
KVM: selftests: Fix build for evmcs.h
KVM: X86: Declare KVM_CAP_SET_GUEST_DEBUG properly

Prashant Malani (1):
usb: typec: mux: intel: Handle alt mode HPD_HIGH

Qiushi Wu (1):
nfp: abm: fix a memory leak bug

Qiwu Chen (1):
mm/vmscan: remove unnecessary argument description of isolate_lru_pages()

Quinn Tran (1):
scsi: qla2xxx: Delete all sessions before unregister local nvme port

Rahul Lakkireddy (1):
cxgb4: fix EOTID leak when disabling TC-MQPRIO offload

Richard Clark (1):
aquantia: Fix the media type of AQC100 ethernet controller in the driver

Rick Edgecombe (1):
x86/mm/cpa: Flush direct map alias during cpa

Roi Dayan (1):
net/mlx5e: Fix q counters on uplink representors

Roman Li (1):
drm/amd/display: fix counter in wait_for_no_pipes_pending

Roman Mashak (1):
neigh: send protocol value in neighbor create notification

Roman Penyaev (2):
kselftests: introduce new epoll60 testcase for catching lost wakeups
epoll: atomically remove wait entry on wake up

Sage Weil (1):
MAINTAINERS: remove myself as ceph co-maintainer

Sagi Grimberg (1):
nvme: fix possible hang when ns scanning fails during error recovery

Saravana Kannan (1):
driver core: Fix handling of fw_devlink=permissive

Scott Dial (1):
net: macsec: preserve ingress frame ordering

Sean Christopherson (2):
KVM: nVMX: Replace a BUG_ON(1) with BUG() to squash clang warning
KVM: VMX: Explicitly clear RFLAGS.CF and RFLAGS.ZF in VM-Exit RSB path

Sean Paul (1):
drm: Fix HDCP failures when SRM fw is missing

Sebastian Reichel (1):
HID: multitouch: add eGalaxTouch P80H84 support

Shannon Nelson (3):
ionic: no link check until after probe
ionic: refresh devinfo after fw-upgrade
ionic: add device reset to fw upgrade down

Shuah Khan (1):
selftests: fix kvm relocatable native/cross builds and installs

Shubhrajyoti Datta (1):
tty: xilinx_uartps: Fix missing id assignment to the console

Stefan Hajnoczi (1):
virtio-blk: handle block_device_operations callbacks after hot unplug

Stefano Garzarella (2):
vhost/vsock: fix packet delivery order to monitoring devices
vsock/virtio: fix multiple packet delivery to monitoring devices

Steven Rostedt (VMware) (2):
tracing: Wait for preempt irq delay thread to finish
tracing: Add a vmalloc_sync_mappings() for safe measure

Sultan Alsawaf (1):
wireguard: send: remove errant newline from packet_encrypt_worker

Sung Lee (1):
drm/amd/display: Update DCN2.1 DV Code Revision

Suravee Suthikulpanit (1):
KVM: x86: Fixes posted interrupt check for IRQs delivery modes

Tariq Toukan (1):
net/mlx4_core: Fix use of ENOSPC around mlx4_counter_alloc()

Tejun Heo (1):
iocost: protect iocg->abs_vdebt with iocg->waitq.lock

Thierry Reding (1):
phy: tegra: Select USB_COMMON for usb_get_maximum_speed()

Thomas Gleixner (2):
x86/apic: Move TSC deadline timer debug printk
ARM: futex: Address build warning

Toke HÃiland-JÃrgensen (2):
wireguard: receive: use tunnel helpers for decapsulating ECN markings
tunnel: Propagate ECT(1) when decapsulating as recommended by RFC6040

Tomas Winkler (1):
mei: me: disable mei interface on LBG servers.

Tuong Lien (1):
tipc: fix partial topology connection closure

Tyrel Datwyler (1):
scsi: ibmvscsi: Fix WARN_ON during event pool release

Ulf Hansson (2):
driver core: platform: Initialize dma_parms for platform devices
amba: Initialize dma_parms for amba devices

Vasundhara Volam (1):
bnxt_en: Reduce BNXT_MSIX_VEC_MAX value to supported CQs per PF.

Vincent Chen (1):
riscv: set max_pfn to the PFN of the last page

Vladimir Oltean (4):
net: dsa: sja1105: the PTP_CLK extts input reacts on both edges
net: dsa: ocelot: the MAC table on Felix is twice as large
net: mscc: ocelot: ANA_AUTOAGE_AGE_PERIOD holds a value in seconds, not ms
net: dsa: remove duplicate assignment in dsa_slave_add_cls_matchall_mirred

Waiman Long (1):
mm/slub: fix incorrect interpretation of s->offset

Wei Yang (1):
tracing: Fix doc mistakes in trace sample

Willem de Bruijn (1):
net: stricter validation of untrusted gso packets

Wolfram Sang (1):
staging: ks7010: remove me from CC list

Wu Bo (2):
ceph: fix special error code in ceph_try_get_caps()
ceph: fix double unlock in handle_cap_export()

Xiaoguang Wang (2):
io_uring: fix mismatched finish_wait() calls in io_uring_cancel_files()
io_uring: handle -EFAULT properly in io_uring_setup()

Xiongfeng Wang (1):
platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Remove always false 'value < 0' statement

Xiyu Yang (7):
batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in batadv_show_throughput_override
batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in batadv_store_throughput_override
batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in batadv_v_ogm_process
configfs: fix config_item refcnt leak in configfs_rmdir()
net/tls: Fix sk_psock refcnt leak in bpf_exec_tx_verdict()
net/x25: Fix x25_neigh refcnt leak when x25 disconnect
net/tls: Fix sk_psock refcnt leak when in tls_data_ready()

Yafang Shao (1):
mm, memcg: fix error return value of mem_cgroup_css_alloc()

Yiwei Zhang (1):
gpu/trace: Minor comment updates for gpu_mem_total tracepoint

Yoshiyuki Kurauchi (1):
gtp: set NLM_F_MULTI flag in gtp_genl_dump_pdp()

YueHaibing (2):
platform/x86: wmi: Make two functions static
net/x25: Fix null-ptr-deref in x25_disconnect

Yufen Yu (1):
bdi: use bdi_dev_name() to get device name

Yunfeng Ye (1):
tools/bootconfig: Fix resource leak in apply_xbc()

Zenghui Yu (2):
KVM: arm64: vgic-v3: Retire all pending LPIs on vcpu destroy
KVM: arm64: vgic-its: Fix memory leak on the error path of vgic_add_lpi()

Zong Li (1):
riscv: force __cpu_up_ variables to put in data section

Zou Wei (1):
tracing: Make tracing_snapshot_instance_cond() static