Re: [RFC 04/11] net: phy: Handle c22 regs presence better

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Mon May 25 2020 - 19:46:32 EST

> Right, which is what I sort of expected. Because its falling back to a
> device list of 0xFFFFFFFF, which means probe every single MMD.
> Combined with the lack of filtering means that your getting a bunch of MMD
> IDs that potentially are invalid, along with any that happen to be valid.
> Its that behavior (and some others) which were what blew this set up from a
> couple lines of tweaks into this mess.
> I don't really see a way to guess at all the "wrong" ids that are being
> pushed into the system. Which is why I started to think about a "strict"
> mode later in the set. Maybe at this point the only way around some of these
> bugs/side effects/etc is just a second c45 probe routine if we don't think
> its possible to implement a variable strictness scanner in this code path
> without losing phys that previously were detected.

Hi Jeremy

I really think we need to find one of those boards which have a
cortina and see what it actually does. Can you get in contact with NXP
and see if they can find one?