Re: [PATCH v6 3/4] mm/memory.c: Add memory read privilege on page fault handling

From: maobibo
Date: Tue May 26 2020 - 21:06:28 EST

On 05/26/2020 05:44 AM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Mon, 25 May 2020 10:52:39 +0800 Bibo Mao <maobibo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Here add pte_sw_mkyoung function to make page readable on MIPS
>> platform during page fault handling. This patch improves page
>> fault latency about 10% on my MIPS machine with lmbench
>> lat_pagefault case.
>> It is noop function on other arches, there is no negative
>> influence on those architectures.
> Acked-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Should I take these, or would the mips tree be preferred? I'm OK
> either way, but probably the MIPS tree would be better?
Thanks for reviewing again and again.
This patch is based on mips-next, maybe MIPS tree will be better.