Re: [PATCH] mac80211_hwsim: report the WIPHY_FLAG_SUPPORTS_5_10_MHZ capability

From: Ramon Fontes
Date: Wed May 27 2020 - 15:15:01 EST

> Yeah, but wmediumd won't know that it's not 20 MHz, I guess :-)

Yes, I know. You're right! I hope advances in wmediumd in this regard :).

> Yeah, but which channels? I believe with 10 MHz you can also use channel
> 175, for example, which doesn't exist in 20 MHz channelization.

I'm doing some research with 802.11p and I could use all the channels
between 171 and 185 with both 5 and 10MHz.

> Anyway, I've applied it now, we can fix more later.