[PATCH v1 1/1] scsi: ufs: Don't update urgent bkops level when toggle auto bkops

From: Can Guo
Date: Wed May 27 2020 - 22:25:14 EST

Urgent bkops level is used to compare against actual bkops status read
from UFS device. Urgent bkops level is set during initialization and might
be updated in exception event handler during runtime, but it should not be
updated to the actual bkops status every time when auto bkops is toggled.
Otherwise, if urgent bkops level is updated to 0, auto bkops shall always
be kept enabled.

Fixes: 24366c2afbb0 ("scsi: ufs: Recheck bkops level if bkops is disabled")
Signed-off-by: Can Guo <cang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
drivers/scsi/ufs/ufshcd.c | 1 -
1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/scsi/ufs/ufshcd.c b/drivers/scsi/ufs/ufshcd.c
index 1827b57..178322e 100644
--- a/drivers/scsi/ufs/ufshcd.c
+++ b/drivers/scsi/ufs/ufshcd.c
@@ -5133,7 +5133,6 @@ static int ufshcd_bkops_ctrl(struct ufs_hba *hba,
err = ufshcd_enable_auto_bkops(hba);
err = ufshcd_disable_auto_bkops(hba);
- hba->urgent_bkops_lvl = curr_status;
return err;
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