Re: [PATCH net] net: mvpp2: Enable autoneg bypass for 1000BaseX/2500BaseX ports

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Fri May 29 2020 - 12:33:47 EST

> > By propagated, you mean if the external link is down, the link between
> > the switch and node 1 will also be forced down, at the SERDES level?
> yes
> > And if external ports are down, the nodes cannot talk to each other?
> correct
> > External link down causes the whole in box network to fall apart? That
> > seems a rather odd design.
> as I'm not an expert in ceph, I can't judge. But I'll bring it up.

I guess for a single use appliance this is O.K. But it makes the
hardware unusable as a general purpose server.

Is there a variant of the hardware to be used as a general purpose
server, rather than as a Ceph appliance? If so, does it share the same
DT files?

> > What you are actually interested in is the sync state of the SERDES?
> > The link is up if the SERDES has sync.
> yes, that's what I need. How can I do that ?

Given the current code, you cannot. Now we understand the
requirements, we can come up with some ideas how to do this properly.