[PATCH v4 0/9] remoteproc: Add support for attaching with rproc

From: Mathieu Poirier
Date: Mon Jun 01 2020 - 13:51:43 EST

This fourth iteration implements a solution that is fairly different from
what was proposed in V3 and earlier versions. Three aspects have been

1) Only the scenario where the remoteproc core is attaching to the remote
processor is implemented. Other scenarios where actions need to be
taken when the remote processor is stopped or crashes will be
considered in subsequent versions.

2) The introduction of a new RPROC_DETACHED state to be set by platform
drivers when needing to attach to an already running remote processor.

3) New functions are introduced to replicate the functionality provided by
rproc_fw_boot() and rproc_start(), minus operations related to firmware

Enhancement to the documentation has been left out intentionally until it
is agreed to move forward with this implementation.

Applies cleanly on rproc-next(7dcef3988eed) and will be rebased on v5.8-rc1
when it comes out in two weeks.


Mathieu Poirier (9):
remoteproc: Add new RPROC_DETACHED state
remoteproc: Add new attach() remoteproc operation
remoteproc: Introducing function rproc_attach()
remoteproc: Introducing function rproc_actuate()
remoteproc: Introducing function rproc_validate()
remoteproc: Refactor function rproc_boot()
remoteproc: Refactor function rproc_trigger_auto_boot()
remoteproc: Refactor function rproc_free_vring()
remoteproc: Properly handle firmware name when attaching

drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_core.c | 226 +++++++++++++++++++++--
drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_internal.h | 8 +
drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_sysfs.c | 17 +-
include/linux/remoteproc.h | 9 +-
4 files changed, 243 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)