Re: [PATCH RFC] seccomp: Implement syscall isolation based on memory areas

From: Gabriel Krisman Bertazi
Date: Mon Jun 01 2020 - 13:54:29 EST

Paul Gofman <gofmanp@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 5/31/20 20:31, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
>> If it's the cost of the syscall that's the problem, there are ways
>> around that. We'd still want a personality() call to indicate that
>> the syscall handler should look (somewhere) to determine the current
>> personality, but that could be issued at the start of execution rather
>> than when we switch between Windows & Linux code.
> Sure, we can call personality() at start and specify the location to
> look at, the only thing is that the location should be thread specific,
> that is, based on fs: or gs: or whatever else which would allow us to
> have different threads in different "personality" state. If anything
> needs to be set up at thread start we can do that also of course.
> If there will be any proof of concept solution I will be happy to make a
> proof of concept Wine patch using that and do some testing.

Let me give that a try and share the patches with you, so we can look at
how this implementation would look like.

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi