Re: [PATCH 1/7] drm/rockchip: prepare common code for cdns and rk dpi/dp driver

From: Emil Velikov
Date: Tue Jun 02 2020 - 09:59:17 EST

HI Sandor Yu

On Mon, 1 Jun 2020 at 07:29, <sandor.yu@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> From: Sandor Yu <Sandor.yu@xxxxxxx>
> - Extracted common fields from cdn_dp_device to a new cdns_mhdp_device
> structure which will be used by two separate drivers later on.
> - Moved some datatypes (audio_format, audio_info, vic_pxl_encoding_format,
> video_info) from cdn-dp-core.c to cdn-dp-reg.h.
> - Changed prefixes from cdn_dp to cdns_mhdp
> cdn -> cdns to match the other Cadence's drivers
> dp -> mhdp to distinguish it from a "just a DP" as the IP underneath
> this registers map can be a HDMI (which is internally different,
> but the interface for commands, events is pretty much the same).
> - Modified cdn-dp-core.c to use the new driver structure and new function
> names.
> - writel and readl are replaced by cdns_mhdp_bus_write and
> cdns_mhdp_bus_read.
The high-level idea is great - split, refactor and reuse the existing drivers.

Although looking at the patches themselves - they seems to be doing
multiple things at once.
As indicated by the extensive list in the commit log.

I would suggest splitting those up a bit, roughly in line of the
itemisation as per the commit message.

Here is one hand wavy way to chunk this patch:
1) use put_unalligned*
2) 'use local variable dev' style of changes (as seem in cdn_dp_clk_enable)
3) add writel/readl wrappers
4) hookup struct cdns_mhdp_device, keep dp->mhdp detail internal.
The cdn-dp-reg.h function names/signatures will stay the same.
5) finalize the helpers - use mhdp directly, rename


static int cdn_dp_mailbox_read(struct cdn_dp_device *dp)
+" struct cdns_mhdp_device *mhdp = dp->mhdp;
int val, ret;

- ret = readx_poll_timeout(readl, dp->regs + MAILBOX_EMPTY_ADDR,
+ ret = readx_poll_timeout(readl, mhdp->regs_base + MAILBOX_EMPTY_ADDR,
return fancy_readl(dp, MAILBOX0_RD_DATA) & 0xff;

-static int cdn_dp_mailbox_read(struct cdn_dp_device *dp)
+static int mhdp_mailbox_read(struct cdns_mhdp_device *mhdp)
- struct cdns_mhdp_device *mhdp = dp->mhdp;
int val, ret;
- return fancy_readl(dp, MAILBOX0_RD_DATA) & 0xff;
+ return cdns_mhdp_bus_read(mhdp, MAILBOX0_RD_DATA) & 0xff;