[GIT PULL] xfs: new code for 5.8

From: Darrick J. Wong
Date: Tue Jun 02 2020 - 12:09:13 EST

Hi Linus,

Please pull the new XFS code for 5.8. Most of the changes this cycle
are refactoring of existing code in preparation for things landing in
the future. We also fixed various problems and deficiencies in the
quota implementation, and (I hope) the last of the stale read vectors by
forcing write allocations to go through the unwritten state until the
write completes.

This branch merges cleanly with master as of a few minutes ago, so
please let me know if anything strange happens. I anticipate a second
pull request next week for a DAX-related restructuring that requires the
DAX branch (sent separately).


The following changes since commit 0e698dfa282211e414076f9dc7e83c1c288314fd:

Linux 5.7-rc4 (2020-05-03 14:56:04 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs-linux.git tags/xfs-5.8-merge-8

for you to fetch changes up to 6dcde60efd946e38fac8d276a6ca47492103e856:

xfs: more lockdep whackamole with kmem_alloc* (2020-05-27 08:49:28 -0700)

New code for 5.8:
- Various cleanups to remove dead code, unnecessary conditionals,
asserts, etc.
- Fix a linker warning caused by xfs stuffing '-g' into CFLAGS
- Tighten up our dmesg logging to ensure that everything is prefixed
with 'XFS' for easier grepping.
- Kill a bunch of typedefs.
- Refactor the deferred ops code to reduce indirect function calls.
- Increase type-safety with the deferred ops code.
- Make the DAX mount options a tri-state.
- Fix some error handling problems in the inode flush code and clean up
other inode flush warts.
- Refactor log recovery so that each log item recovery functions now live
with the other log item processing code.
- Fix some SPDX forms.
- Fix quota counter corruption if the fs crashes after running
quotacheck but before any dquots get logged.
- Don't fail metadata verification on zero-entry attr leaf blocks, since
they're just part of the disk format now due to a historic lack of log
- Don't allow SWAPEXT between files with different [ugp]id when quotas
are enabled.
- Refactor inode fork reading and verification to run directly from the
inode-from-disk function. This means that we now actually guarantee
that _iget'ted inodes are totally verified and ready to go.
- Move the incore inode fork format and extent counts to the ifork
- Scalability improvements by reducing cacheline pingponging in
struct xfs_mount.
- More scalability improvements by removing m_active_trans from the
hot path.
- Fix inode counter update sanity checking to run /only/ on debug
- Fix longstanding inconsistency in what error code we return when a
program hits project quota limits (ENOSPC).
- Fix group quota returning the wrong error code when a program hits
group quota limits.
- Fix per-type quota limits and grace periods for group and project
quotas so that they actually work.
- Allow extension of individual grace periods.
- Refactor the non-reclaim inode radix tree walking code to remove a
bunch of stupid little functions and straighten out the
inconsistent naming schemes.
- Fix a bug in speculative preallocation where we measured a new
allocation based on the last extent mapping in the file instead of
looking farther for the last contiguous space allocation.
- Force delalloc writes to unwritten extents. This closes a
stale disk contents exposure vector if the system goes down before
the write completes.
- More lockdep whackamole.

Arnd Bergmann (1):
xfs: stop CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG from changing compiler flags

Brian Foster (19):
xfs: refactor failed buffer resubmission into xfsaild
xfs: factor out buffer I/O failure code
xfs: simplify inode flush error handling
xfs: remove unnecessary shutdown check from xfs_iflush()
xfs: reset buffer write failure state on successful completion
xfs: refactor ratelimited buffer error messages into helper
xfs: ratelimit unmount time per-buffer I/O error alert
xfs: fix duplicate verification from xfs_qm_dqflush()
xfs: abort consistently on dquot flush failure
xfs: acquire ->ail_lock from xfs_trans_ail_delete()
xfs: use delete helper for items expected to be in AIL
xfs: drop unused shutdown parameter from xfs_trans_ail_remove()
xfs: combine xfs_trans_ail_[remove|delete]()
xfs: remove unused iflush stale parameter
xfs: random buffer write failure errortag
xfs: remove unused shutdown types
xfs: remove unused iget_flags param from xfs_imap_to_bp()
xfs: fix unused variable warning in buffer completion on !DEBUG
xfs: don't fail verifier on empty attr3 leaf block

Chen Zhou (1):
xfs: remove duplicate headers

Christoph Hellwig (33):
xfs: refactor the buffer cancellation table helpers
xfs: rename inode_list xlog_recover_reorder_trans
xfs: factor out a xlog_buf_readahead helper
xfs: simplify xlog_recover_inode_ra_pass2
xfs: refactor xlog_recover_buffer_pass1
xfs: remove the xfs_efi_log_item_t typedef
xfs: remove the xfs_efd_log_item_t typedef
xfs: remove the xfs_inode_log_item_t typedef
xfs: factor out a xfs_defer_create_intent helper
xfs: merge the ->log_item defer op into ->create_intent
xfs: merge the ->diff_items defer op into ->create_intent
xfs: turn dfp_intent into a xfs_log_item
xfs: refactor xfs_defer_finish_noroll
xfs: turn dfp_done into a xfs_log_item
xfs: use a xfs_btree_cur for the ->finish_cleanup state
xfs: spell out the parameter name for ->cancel_item
xfs: xfs_bmapi_read doesn't take a fork id as the last argument
xfs: call xfs_iformat_fork from xfs_inode_from_disk
xfs: split xfs_iformat_fork
xfs: handle unallocated inodes in xfs_inode_from_disk
xfs: call xfs_dinode_verify from xfs_inode_from_disk
xfs: don't reset i_delayed_blks in xfs_iread
xfs: remove xfs_iread
xfs: remove xfs_ifork_ops
xfs: refactor xfs_inode_verify_forks
xfs: improve local fork verification
xfs: remove the special COW fork handling in xfs_bmapi_read
xfs: remove the NULL fork handling in xfs_bmapi_read
xfs: remove the XFS_DFORK_Q macro
xfs: remove xfs_ifree_local_data
xfs: move the per-fork nextents fields into struct xfs_ifork
xfs: move the fork format fields into struct xfs_ifork
xfs: cleanup xfs_idestroy_fork

Darrick J. Wong (47):
xfs: report unrecognized log item type codes during recovery
xfs: clean up the error handling in xfs_swap_extents
xfs: convert xfs_log_recover_item_t to struct xfs_log_recover_item
xfs: refactor log recovery item sorting into a generic dispatch structure
xfs: refactor log recovery item dispatch for pass2 readhead functions
xfs: refactor log recovery item dispatch for pass1 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery buffer item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery inode item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery dquot item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery icreate item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery EFI item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery RUI item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery CUI item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor log recovery BUI item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: remove log recovery quotaoff item dispatch for pass2 commit functions
xfs: refactor recovered EFI log item playback
xfs: refactor recovered RUI log item playback
xfs: refactor recovered CUI log item playback
xfs: refactor recovered BUI log item playback
xfs: refactor xlog_item_is_intent now that we're done converting
xfs: refactor releasing finished intents during log recovery
xfs: refactor adding recovered intent items to the log
xfs: refactor intent item RECOVERED flag into the log item
xfs: refactor intent item iop_recover calls
xfs: hoist setting of XFS_LI_RECOVERED to caller
xfs: move log recovery buffer cancellation code to xfs_buf_item_recover.c
xfs: remove unnecessary includes from xfs_log_recover.c
xfs: use ordered buffers to initialize dquot buffers during quotacheck
xfs: don't allow SWAPEXT if we'd screw up quota accounting
xfs: clean up xchk_bmap_check_rmaps usage of XFS_IFORK_Q
xfs: move eofblocks conversion function to xfs_ioctl.c
xfs: replace open-coded XFS_ICI_NO_TAG
xfs: remove unused xfs_inode_ag_iterator function
xfs: remove xfs_inode_ag_iterator_flags
xfs: remove flags argument from xfs_inode_ag_walk
xfs: remove __xfs_icache_free_eofblocks
xfs: refactor eofb matching into a single helper
xfs: fix inode ag walk predicate function return values
xfs: use bool for done in xfs_inode_ag_walk
xfs: move xfs_inode_ag_iterator to be closer to the perag walking code
xfs: straighten out all the naming around incore inode tree walks
xfs: rearrange xfs_inode_walk_ag parameters
xfs: don't fail unwritten extent conversion on writeback due to edquot
xfs: measure all contiguous previous extents for prealloc size
xfs: refactor xfs_iomap_prealloc_size
xfs: force writes to delalloc regions to unwritten
xfs: more lockdep whackamole with kmem_alloc*

Dave Chinner (4):
xfs: gut error handling in xfs_trans_unreserve_and_mod_sb()
xfs: reduce free inode accounting overhead
xfs: separate read-only variables in struct xfs_mount
xfs: remove the m_active_trans counter

Eric Sandeen (8):
xfs: define printk_once variants for xfs messages
xfs: group quota should return EDQUOT when prj quota enabled
xfs: always return -ENOSPC on project quota reservation failure
xfs: fix up some whitespace in quota code
xfs: pass xfs_dquot to xfs_qm_adjust_dqtimers
xfs: switch xfs_get_defquota to take explicit type
xfs: per-type quota timers and warn limits
xfs: allow individual quota grace period extension

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
xfs: Replace zero-length array with flexible-array

Ira Weiny (5):
fs/xfs: Remove unnecessary initialization of i_rwsem
fs/xfs: Make DAX mount option a tri-state
fs/xfs: Create function xfs_inode_should_enable_dax()
fs/xfs: Combine xfs_diflags_to_linux() and xfs_diflags_to_iflags()

Kaixu Xia (8):
xfs: trace quota allocations for all quota types
xfs: combine two if statements with same condition
xfs: reserve quota inode transaction space only when needed
xfs: remove unnecessary variable udqp from xfs_ioctl_setattr
xfs: remove unnecessary assertion from xfs_qm_vop_create_dqattach
xfs: simplify the flags setting in xfs_qm_scall_quotaon
xfs: remove unnecessary check of the variable resblks in xfs_symlink
xfs: fix the warning message in xfs_validate_sb_common()

Nishad Kamdar (1):
xfs: Use the correct style for SPDX License Identifier

Zheng Bin (1):
xfs: ensure f_bfree returned by statfs() is non-negative

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102 files changed, 4244 insertions(+), 4817 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 fs/xfs/xfs_buf_item_recover.c
create mode 100644 fs/xfs/xfs_dquot_item_recover.c
create mode 100644 fs/xfs/xfs_inode_item_recover.c