[ANNOUNCE] iproute2-5.7.0 release

From: Stephen Hemminger
Date: Tue Jun 02 2020 - 23:43:11 EST

The 5.7 kernel has been released, and the last patches have
been applied to iproute2.

As usual lots of small fixes, across many utilities.
Several qdisc now have more parameters available.
Devlink get most of the fixes.


Repository for upcoming release:

And future release (net-next):

Thanks for all the contributions.

Report problems (or enhancements) to the netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Andrea Claudi (2):
Revert "bpf: replace snprintf with asprintf when dealing with long buffers"
bpf: Fixes a snprintf truncation warning

Antoine Tenart (4):
macsec: report the offloading mode currently selected
macsec: add support for changing the offloading mode
man: document the ip macsec offload command
macsec: add an accessor for validate_str

Bastien RoucariÃs (6):
Better documentation of mcast_to_unicast option
Improve hairpin mode description
Document BPDU filter option
Better documentation of BDPU guard
Document root_block option
State of bridge STP port are now case insensitive

Benjamin Lee (4):
man: tc-htb.8: add missing qdisc parameter r2q
man: tc-htb.8: add missing class parameter quantum
man: tc-htb.8: fix class prio is not mandatory
tc: fq_codel: fix class stat deficit is signed int

Benjamin Poirier (6):
bridge: Use consistent column names in vlan output
bridge: Fix typo
bridge: Fix output with empty vlan lists
json_print: Return number of characters printed
bridge: Align output columns
Replace open-coded instances of print_nl()

Brian Norris (2):
man: add ip-netns(8) as generation target
man: replace $(NETNS_ETC_DIR) and $(NETNS_RUN_DIR) in ip-netns(8)

Danielle Ratson (1):
bash-completion: devlink: add bash-completion function

David Ahern (4):
Update kernel headers
Update kernel headers
Update kernel headers
Update kernel headers

Donald Sharp (1):
nexthop: Fix Deletion display

Eric Dumazet (5):
tc: fq_codel: add drop_batch parameter
tc: fq: add timer_slack parameter
ss: add support for Gbit speeds in sprint_bw()
tc: fq: fix two issues
utils: remove trailing zeros in print_time() and print_time64()

Ido Schimmel (3):
devlink: Add devlink trap policer set and show commands
devlink: Add ability to bind policer to trap group
bash-completion: devlink: Extend bash-completion for new commands

Jacob Keller (1):
devlink: add support for DEVLINK_CMD_REGION_NEW

Jakub Kicinski (1):
tc: m_action: rename hw stats type uAPI

Jiri Pirko (14):
devlink: add trap metadata type for flow action cookie
tc: m_action: introduce support for hw stats type
tc: show used HW stats types
devlink: remove custom bool command line options parsing
devlink: Fix help and man of "devlink health set" command
devlink: fix encap mode manupulation
devlink: Add alias "counters_enabled" for "counters" option
devlink: rename dpipe_counters_enable struct field to dpipe_counters_enabled
devlink: Fix help message for dpipe
devlink: remove "dev" object sub help messages
man: add man page for devlink dpipe
devlink: remove unused "jw" field
devlink: fix JSON output of mon command
tc: m_action: check cookie hex string len

Leslie Monis (2):
tc: pie: change maximum integer value of tc_pie_xstats->prob
Revert "tc: pie: change maximum integer value of tc_pie_xstats->prob"

Moshe Shemesh (1):
devlink: Add health error recovery status monitoring

Odin Ugedal (3):
tc_util: detect overflow in get_size
q_cake: Make fwmark uint instead of int
q_cake: properly print memlimit

Parav Pandit (1):
devlink: Introduce devlink port flavour virtual

Paul Blakey (1):
man: tc-ct.8: Add manual page for ct tc action

Petr Machata (5):
tc: q_red: Support 'nodrop' flag
tc: p_ip6: Support pedit of IPv6 dsfield
man: tc-pedit: Add examples for dsfield and retain
man: tc-pedit: Drop the claim that pedit ex is only for IPv4
ip: link_gre: Do not send ERSPAN attributes to GRE tunnels

Roman Mashak (1):
tc: action: fix time values output in JSON format

Stephen Hemminger (7):
man/tc-actions: fix formatting
bridge: man page spelling fixes
uapi: update bpf.h
ss: update to bw print
uapi: update to bpf.h
uapi: fix comment in xfrm.h

Xin Long (1):
xfrm: also check for ipv6 state in xfrm_state_keep