Re: [PATCH] cxl: Fix kobject memory leak in cxl_sysfs_afu_new_cr()

From: wanghai (M)
Date: Wed Jun 03 2020 - 02:34:17 EST

å 2020/6/3 14:14, Greg Kroah-Hartman åé:
On Wed, Jun 03, 2020 at 09:42:41AM +0800, wanghai (M) wrote:
å 2020/6/3 1:20, Markus Elfring åé:
Fix it by adding a call to kobject_put() in the error path of
Thanks for another completion of the exception handling.

Would an other patch subject be a bit nicer?
Thanks for the guidance, I will perfect this description and send a v2
Please note that you are responding to someone that a lot of kernel
developers and maintainers have blacklisted as being very annoying and
not helpful at all.

Please do not feel that you need to respond to, or change any patch in
response to their emails at all.

I strongly recommend you just add them to your filters to not have to
see their messages. That's what I have done.


greg k-h


Okay, so I donât have to send the v2 patch.



Wang Hai