Re: [PATCH v3 0/4] Add seccomp notifier ioctl that enables adding fds

From: Kees Cook
Date: Wed Jun 03 2020 - 19:42:15 EST

On Tue, Jun 02, 2020 at 06:10:40PM -0700, Sargun Dhillon wrote:
> Sargun Dhillon (4):
> fs, net: Standardize on file_receive helper to move fds across
> processes
> pid: Use file_receive helper to copy FDs

The fixes (that should add open-coded cgroups stuff) should be separate
patches so they can be backported.

The helper doesn't take the __user pointer I thought we'd agreed it
should to avoid changing any SCM_RIGHTS behaviors?

> seccomp: Introduce addfd ioctl to seccomp user notifier
> selftests/seccomp: Test SECCOMP_IOCTL_NOTIF_ADDFD

Otherwise, yeah, this should be good.

Kees Cook