RE: [PATCH v2 1/4] ARC: allow to override default mcpu compiler flag

From: Alexey Brodkin
Date: Fri Jun 05 2020 - 06:48:12 EST

Hi Eugeniy,

A couple of minor notes below.

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> Subject: [PATCH v2 1/4] ARC: allow to override default mcpu compiler flag
> Kernel builds set their own default -mcpu for a given ISA build.

We used to use a default "-mcpu" per ARC ISA version (one for ARCompact
and one for ARCv2).

> But that gets in the way of "custom" -mcpu flags from propagating
> into kernel build.

But with more versions of CPUs & SoCs becoming available we want to
be able to fine-tune generated code more precise.

> This will also be used in next patches for HSDK-4xD board support which
> uses a different -mcpu to effect dual issue scheduling.

"...for utilization of the new CPU's dual-issue capabilities"?

> +++ b/arch/arc/Makefile
> @@ -10,8 +10,25 @@ CROSS_COMPILE := $(call cc-cross-prefix, arc-linux- arceb-linux-)
> endif
> cflags-y += -fno-common -pipe -fno-builtin -mmedium-calls -D__linux__
> -cflags-$(CONFIG_ISA_ARCOMPACT) += -mA7
> -cflags-$(CONFIG_ISA_ARCV2) += -mcpu=hs38
> +
> +tune-mcpu-def-$(CONFIG_ISA_ARCOMPACT) := -mA7

I'd suggest to either swap "-mA7" which is being obsoleted with "-mcpu=arc700"
right here or as a separate change, otherwise we may soon get ATC700 builds
broken with newer compilers.