Re: [for-linus][PATCH 05/17] ftrace: Setup correct FTRACE_FL_REGS flags for module

From: Sasha Levin
Date: Sun Aug 09 2020 - 11:53:20 EST


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This commit has been processed because it contains a "Fixes:" tag
fixing commit: 8c4f3c3fa968 ("ftrace: Check module functions being traced on reload").

The bot has tested the following trees: v5.8, v5.7.13, v5.4.56, v4.19.137, v4.14.192, v4.9.232, v4.4.232.

v5.8: Build OK!
v5.7.13: Build OK!
v5.4.56: Build OK!
v4.19.137: Build OK!
v4.14.192: Build OK!
v4.9.232: Build OK!
v4.4.232: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
02a392a0439f ("ftrace: Add new type to distinguish what kind of ftrace_bug()")
97e9b4fca52b ("ftrace: Clean up ftrace_module_init() code")
b6b71f66a16a ("ftrace: Join functions ftrace_module_init() and ftrace_init_module()")
b7ffffbb46f2 ("ftrace: Add infrastructure for delayed enabling of module functions")

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