Re: [PATCH 1/2] arm: dts: mt7623: move more display-related nodes to mt7623n.dtsi

From: Chun-Kuang Hu
Date: Sun Aug 09 2020 - 20:09:59 EST

Hi, Frank:

Frank Wunderlich <frank-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 於 2020年8月9日 週日 下午3:22寫道:
> Am 9. August 2020 02:16:59 MESZ schrieb Chun-Kuang Hu <>:
> >
> >I would like to put all device in mt7623.dtsi with some device's
> >status is "disabled" and change its status in platform dtsi.
> >I would like to see all device in mt7623.dtsi because of its name. If
> >you move some device to platform dtsi, we would trace all platform
> >dtsi to find out how many device in mt7623. One day a new platform
> >enable different devices, you would reorganize all these platform
> >dtsi?
> Ok,then i change the dts-patch from hdmi-series to disable all nodes and enabling them in bpi-r2 dts. Do they need to be in alphabetical order (or any other)?

Alphabetical order is better.

> Is the tmds Patch ok? (because review missing)

That patch looks really like a hack patch. I would wait for a long
time to see whether any one has comment for this. Or you could have a
better explain for it.
I could apply other patches first.


> Just to know before reposting series as v5 :)
> regards Frank