Re: [PATCH v32 2/6] leds: lp50xx: Add the LP50XX family of the RGB LED driver

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Aug 11 2020 - 18:01:14 EST


> >Actually... This is quite impressive ammount of code to
> >zero-initialize few registers. Could the regmap be told to set the
> >range to zero, or use loops to reduce ammount of code?
> I am not aware of any regmap calls that will set a range of registers to a
> certain value.
> Well it depends on where we want to create the default cache values.
> Either we run through a for..loop during driver probe and delay device start
> up or we keep the simple arrays and increase the driver total size.

for loop will be better.

Plus, REGCACHE_RBTREE is very likely overkill.

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