Fair Pay..

From: Ywe Cærlyn
Date: Tue Sep 08 2020 - 05:40:54 EST

People. Another update to the name - why not go all muslim? A solid basis for fair pay, is The Quran, and it has the background all the way to the adam-prophetic ban on amanita.

Both The Kaba and this are solid symbols for all we want in computing space.

And since myths of Tor still haunts here, we can replace it with a correct term NUR, arabic for light, keeping all developments, and rejecting the nonsensical.

Even E D M can use political principles like Maruf not Munkar ("good not bad") and be best!

And so - NUR X, a nix with a solid base in fair pay principles and a whole abrahamic background if needed, in the now scholars script Arabic.

Prepared for the ongoing developments, and the new millennium!

Ywe Cærlyn