Re: [PATCH 0/3] clk: keystone: some minor fixes

From: santosh . shilimkar
Date: Tue Sep 08 2020 - 13:21:10 EST

On 9/7/20 1:57 AM, Tero Kristo wrote:
Hi Santosh,

This series contains a few fixes for the TI SCI clock driver.
- Patch #1 is a clear bug fix, where we missed to parse assigned-clock
data properly to detect which clocks are in use on the SoC.
- Patch #2 is a performance improvement patch which avoids some
unnecessary round trips to firmware side while setting clock
- Patch #3 fixes some issues with set_rate passed to firmware, where the
parameters are too strict; namely, firmware fails to handle some cases
properly if min,tgt,max values for a clock rate are exactly the same
value. Yeah, the firmware is quite weird here but nothing much else we
can do from kernel side other than this....

Looks fine to me Tero.

Acked-by: Santosh Shilimkar <ssantosh@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Stephen, Mike,
Can you please pick these fixes via clk tree ?