Re: [EXT] [PATCH 0/5 REBASED to v5.9-rc4] Qlogic drivers: Convert to SPDX license identifiers

From: Igor Russkikh
Date: Wed Sep 09 2020 - 03:55:22 EST

> Igor, can you please ack these patches?
> Igor, please also let us know:
> A. if you will pick them up and let them travel through your tree, or
> B. if the spdx maintainers shall pick them up and they shall route them
> directly to Linus.

Thanks Lukas,

Acked on ethernet driver patches. For storage drivers I believe you'll have
ACK from Nilesh.

We don't manage our own tree, we normally do directly on netdev list.
Thus I think its safe to go with (B) and do this through spdx tree.