[RFC] Device addition to the tlv320adcx140 and tas2562

From: Dan Murphy
Date: Wed Sep 09 2020 - 14:06:51 EST


Looking for guidance on how to move forward with adding a device to existing drivers.

For the TLV320adcx140 driver I have another device which is register and bitmap compatible but it does not support Analog microphones or Line In like the x140.

Should I add a new driver specifically for this part or should I add the new audio maps, widgets and controls to the existing driver?  This would make this existing driver really big in terms of LoC and object size.

Similar question for the TAS2562.  I have a new device that is register and bitmap compatible but removes the I/V sense. Adding this new device to the existing driver wouldn't be as intrusive as the x140 as the audio map and controls are much simpler