Re: [PATCH] clk: versatile: Add of_node_put() before return statement

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Thu Sep 10 2020 - 03:57:53 EST

Quoting Sumera Priyadarsini (2020-08-29 10:57:04)
> Every iteration of for_each_available_child_of_node() decrements
> the reference count of the previous node, however when control is
> transferred from the middle of the loop, as in the case of a return
> or break or goto, there is no decrement thus ultimately resulting in
> a memory leak.
> Fix a potential memory leak in clk-impd1.c by inserting
> of_node_put() before a return statement.
> Issue found with Coccinelle.
> Signed-off-by: Sumera Priyadarsini <sylphrenadin@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---

Applied to clk-fixes