Re: [PATCH] net: mvpp2: ptp: Fix unused variables

From: David Miller
Date: Thu Sep 10 2020 - 18:16:14 EST

From: Alex Dewar <alex.dewar90@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 14:49:10 +0100

> In the functions mvpp2_isr_handle_xlg() and
> mvpp2_isr_handle_gmac_internal(), the bool variable link is assigned a
> true value in the case that a given bit of val is set. However, if the
> bit is unset, no value is assigned to link and it is then passed to
> mvpp2_isr_handle_link() without being initialised. Fix by assigning to
> link the value of the bit test.
> Build-tested on x86.
> Fixes: 36cfd3a6e52b ("net: mvpp2: restructure "link status" interrupt handling")
> Signed-off-by: Alex Dewar <alex.dewar90@xxxxxxxxx>

Applied to net-next.