Re: [PATCH v6 5/7] KVM: x86: VMX: Prevent MSR passthrough when MSR access is denied

From: Alexander Graf
Date: Wed Sep 16 2020 - 16:36:27 EST

On 16.09.20 22:13, Aaron Lewis wrote:

* These 2 parameters are used to config the controls for Pause-Loop Exiting:
* ple_gap: upper bound on the amount of time between two successive
@@ -622,6 +642,41 @@ static inline bool report_flexpriority(void)
return flexpriority_enabled;

One thing that seems to be missing is removing MSRs from the
permission bitmap or resetting the permission bitmap to its original
state before adding changes on top of it. This would be needed on
subsequent calls to kvm_vm_ioctl_set_msr_filter(). When that happens
the original changes made by KVM_REQ_MSR_FILTER_CHANGED need to be
backed out before applying the new set.

I'm not sure I follow. Subsequent calls to set_msr_filter() will invoke
the "please reset the whole MSR passthrough bitmap to a consistent
state" which will then reapply the in-kvm desired state through the
bitmap and filter state on top on each of those.

Yes, you're correct. I discovered this after the fact by adding a
test to the selftest I wrote for the deny list system which I revamped
to work for your filter system. It proved the permission bitmaps are
in fact set as expected on subsequent calls. You can disregard this

As a side note, I'm happy to share the test if you'd like. I also used
it to uncover an issue in the first commit of this series.

I really enjoy the tests that you submitted and would love to see you add your test coverage to the filtering patch set :)



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