Re: [PATCH v3 08/16] irqchip/gic: Configure SGIs as standard interrupts

From: Marc Zyngier
Date: Thu Sep 17 2020 - 04:56:09 EST

On 2020-09-17 09:49, Jon Hunter wrote:
On 17/09/2020 09:45, Marc Zyngier wrote:
On 2020-09-17 08:54, Jon Hunter wrote:

So far, I have only tested this patch on Tegra20. Let me try the other
failing boards this morning and see if those still fail.

Tegra20 (if I remember well) is a dual A9 with the same GIC implementation
as Ux500, hence requiring the source CPU bits to be written back. So this
patch should have cured it, but didn't...

/me puzzled.

Me too. Maybe there just happens to be something else also going wrong
in next. I am doing a bit more testing to see if applying the fix
directly on top of this change fixes it to try and eliminate anything
else in -next.

Linus, what -next are you testing on? I am using next-20200916.

You can directly try [1], which has all the queued fixes (and only that).


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