Re: [PATCH leds v1 09/10] leds: lm36274: use struct led_init_data when registering

From: Dan Murphy
Date: Thu Sep 17 2020 - 13:47:47 EST


On 9/16/20 6:16 PM, Marek Behún wrote:
By using struct led_init_data when registering we do not need to parse
`label` DT property nor `linux,default-trigger` property.

A small refactor was also done:
- with using devm_led_classdev_register_ext the driver remove method is
not needed
- since only one child node is allowed for this driver, use
device_get_next_child_node instead of device_for_each_child_node

Previously if the `label` DT property was not present, the code composed
name for the LED in the form
For backwards compatibility we therefore set
init_data->default_label = ":";
so that the LED will not get a different name if `label` property is not

You are going to re-factor this as well a lot of changes in a single patch is hard to review