Re: [PATCH 00/13] mm: clean up some lru related pieces

From: Alex Shi
Date: Fri Sep 18 2020 - 20:33:38 EST

在 2020/9/19 上午5:19, Hugh Dickins 写道:
>>> Sorry, Yu, I may be out-of-line in sending this: but as you know,
>>> Alex Shi has a long per-memcg lru_lock series playing in much the
>>> same area (particularly conflicting in mm/swap.c and mm/vmscan.c):
>>> a patchset that makes useful changes, that I'm very keen to help
>>> into mmotm a.s.a.p (but not before I've completed diligence).
>>> We've put a lot of effort into its testing, I'm currently reviewing
>>> it patch by patch (my general silence indicating that I'm busy on that,
>>> but slow as ever): so I'm a bit discouraged to have its stability
>>> potentially undermined by conflicting cleanups at this stage.
>>> If there's general agreement that your cleanups are safe and welcome
>>> (Michal's initial reaction sheds some doubt on that), great: I hope
>>> that Andrew can fast-track them into mmotm, then Alex rebase on top
>>> of them, and I then re-test and re-review.
>>> But if that quick agreement is not forthcoming, may I ask you please
>>> to hold back, and resend based on top of Alex's next posting?
>> The per-memcg lru lock series seems a high priority, and I have
>> absolutely no problem accommodate your request.
> Many thanks!
>> In return, may I ask you or Alex to review this series after you
>> have finished with per-memcg lru lock (to make sure that I resolve
>> all the conflicts correctly at least)?
> Fair enough: I promise to do so.
> And your rebasing will necessarily lead you to review some parts
> of Alex's patchset, which will help us all too.
> Andrew, Yu asked at the start:
>>>> I see you have taken this:
>>>> mm: use add_page_to_lru_list()/page_lru()/page_off_lru()
>>>> Do you mind dropping it?
> Dropping that for now will help too.

Hi Hugh & Yu,

Thanks for all your considerations! I will looking into this series after thing
on lru_lock finished.

Thanks a lot!