RE: [EXT] Re: [PATCH v6 0/3] Add 802.1AD protocol support for dsa switch and ocelot driver

From: Hongbo Wang
Date: Sun Sep 20 2020 - 23:05:33 EST

> You're going to have to update every single SWITCHDEV_PORT_ADD_OBJ
> handler and subsequent helpers to check the validate the protocol value.
> You also are going to have to make sure that every instantiated
> switchdev_obj_port_vlan object initializes the vlan protocol field properly.
> Basically, now that this structure has a new member, everything that operates
> on that object must be updated to handle the new protocol value.
> And I do mean everything.
> You can't just add the protocol handling to the locations you care about for
> bridging and DSA.
> You also have to more fully address the feedback given by Vladimir in patch #3.
> Are the expectations on the user side a Linux based expectation, or one specific
> about how this ASIC is expected to behave by default. It is very unclear what
> you are talking about when you say customer and ISP etc.

Hi David,

Thanks for your comments.

I understand your concerns, I will review the code.
Generally, the packets from customer port will have only C-TAG, but the packets form ISP port will have both S-TAG and C-TAG. For ocelot switch, these two ports have different register config.