Re: [PATCH] Revert "spi: omap2-mcspi: Switch to readl_poll_timeout()"

From: Mark Brown
Date: Mon Sep 21 2020 - 15:01:22 EST

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 07:56:38PM +0100, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 05:56:24PM +0530, Aswath Govindraju wrote:
> > This reverts commit 13d515c796adc49a49b0cd2212ccd7f43a37fc5a.
> >
> > The amount of time spent polling for the MCSPI_CHSTAT bits to be set on
> > AM335x-icev2 platform is less than 1us (about 0.6us) in most cases, with
> Please submit patches using subject lines reflecting the style for the
> subsystem, this makes it easier for people to identify relevant patches.
> Look at what existing commits in the area you're changing are doing and
> make sure your subject lines visually resemble what they're doing.
> There's no need to resubmit to fix this alone.

Oh, and also:

Please include human readable descriptions of things like commits and
issues being discussed in e-mail in your mails, this makes them much
easier for humans to read especially when they have no internet access.
I do frequently catch up on my mail on flights or while otherwise
travelling so this is even more pressing for me than just being about
making things a bit easier to read.

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