Re: [PATCH REBASE 0/3] atomisp: Rebased fixes

From: Alex Dewar
Date: Tue Sep 22 2020 - 09:51:36 EST

> > That sounds more sensible. I've also just noticed that I introduced a bug in
> > the first patch when rebasing it :-/, so let's hold off on the whole series
> > and I'll do a proper tidy and resend after the next merge window.
> Is the bug the memory leak if lm3554_platform_data_func() fails?
> regards,
> dan carpenter

Nope. I put a "return ret" for the last check instead of "goto err_del_timer"...

The version of this code in linux-next does the correct "if (PTR_ERR(...))"
check after calling lm3554_platform_data_func(), but this patch doesn't
seem to have made its way into linux-media yet. All the more reason to
resend my patches after the merge window, I suppose.