Re: [PATCH] arm64: dts: allwinner: h5: Add deinterlace node

From: Maxime Ripard
Date: Thu Jan 07 2021 - 04:41:28 EST

On Wed, Jan 06, 2021 at 07:25:23PM +0100, Jernej Skrabec wrote:
> Deinterlace core is completely compatible to H3.
> Add a node for it.
> Signed-off-by: Jernej Skrabec <jernej.skrabec@xxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Note: I didn't add H5 fallback, since the only reason why this node
> is not in common H3/H5 dtsi is that it's located on different addresses.
> If anyone feel fallback compatible is needed, I'll add it in next revision.

Applied, thanks

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