Re: [PATCH v2 00/12] MFD/extcon/ASoC: Rework arizona codec jack-detect support

From: Lee Jones
Date: Mon Jan 18 2021 - 05:18:45 EST

On Sun, 17 Jan 2021, Hans de Goede wrote:

> Hi All,
> This series reworks the arizona codec jack-detect support to use
> the snd_soc_jack helpers instead of direct extcon reporting.
> This is done by reworking the extcon driver into an arizona-jackdet
> library and then modifying the codec drivers to use that directly,
> replacing the old separate extcon child-devices and extcon-driver.
> This brings the arizona-codec jack-detect handling inline with how
> all other ASoC codec driver do this.
> This was developed and tested on a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 1051L with
> a WM5102 codec.
> The MFD, ASoC and extcon parts can be merged independent from each-other
> although that could lead to a case where both the extcon driver and
> the new arizona-jackdet library will try to do jack-detection. If we
> end up with a git tree in that state then one of the 2 will fail to
> load because the other will already have claimed the IRQs, so this
> is not a problem really.
> Or the entire series could be merged through the MFD tree if people
> prefer that.
> Note that this series also paves the way for some further cleanups,
> removing some jackdetect related variables like hp_ena and hp_clamp
> from the arizona data struct shared between all the MFD child devices.
> I've deliberately not done that cleanup as part of this patch-series,
> since IMHO the series is big enough as is. These cleanups can be done
> in a follow-up series once this series has landed.

Would you mind using `git format-patch` to create your cover-letters
in the future please? This one is missing useful information such as
the diff-stat and patch list.

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