Re: [PATCH] of: unittest: Statically apply overlays using fdtoverlay

From: Viresh Kumar
Date: Wed Jan 20 2021 - 00:13:22 EST

On 19-01-21, 09:44, Frank Rowand wrote:
> No. overlay_base.dts is intentionally compiled into a base FDT, not
> an overlay. Unittest intentionally unflattens this FDT in early boot,
> in association with unflattening the system FDT. One key intent
> behind this is to use the same memory allocation method that is
> used for the system FDT.
> Do not try to convert overlay_base.dts into an overlay.

Okay, but why does it have /plugin/; specified in it then ?

And shouldn't we create two separate dtb-s now, static_test.dtb and
static_overlay_test.dtb ? As fdtoverlay will not be able to merge it with
testcase.dtb anyway.

Or maybe we can create another file static_overlay.dts (like testcases.dts)
which can include both testcases.dts and overlay_base.dts, and then we can
create static_test.dtb out of it ? That won't impact the runtime tests at all.