"possible deadlock in static_key_slow_dec" and "possible deadlock in __static_key_slow_dec" should share the same root cause

From: 慕冬亮
Date: Wed Jan 20 2021 - 00:32:34 EST

Dear kernel developers,

I found that on the syzbot dashboard, “possible deadlock in
static_key_slow_dec” [1] and "possible deadlock in
__static_key_slow_dec" [2] should share the same root cause.

The reasons for the above statement:
1) the stack trace is the same, and this title difference is due to
the inline property of "__static_key_slow_dec";
2) their PoCs are the same as each other;

If you can have any issues with this statement or our information is
useful to you, please let us know. Thanks very much.

[1] “possible deadlock in static_key_slow_dec” -

[2] “possible deadlock in __static_key_slow_dec” -

My best regards to you.

No System Is Safe!
Dongliang Mu