Re: [PATCH] init/module: split CONFIG_CONSTRUCTORS to fix module gcov on UML

From: Peter Oberparleiter
Date: Wed Jan 20 2021 - 11:23:18 EST

On 20.01.2021 17:09, Johannes Berg wrote:
> On Wed, 2021-01-20 at 17:07 +0100, Peter Oberparleiter wrote:
>> Do you expect other users for these new config symbols?
> Probably not.
>> If not it seems
>> to me that the goal of enabling module constructors for UML could also
>> be achieved without introducing new config symbols.
> Yeah, true.
>> For example you could suppress calling any built-in kernel constructors
>> in case of UML by extending the ifdef in do_ctors() to depend on both
>> CONFIG_CONSTRUCTORS and !CONFIG_UML (maybe with an explanatory comment).
>> Of course you'd still need to remove the !UML dependency in
> Right.
> I can post a separate patch and we can see which one looks nicer?

Sounds good!

Peter Oberparleiter
Linux on Z Development - IBM Germany