Re: Live patching on ARM64

From: Julien Thierry
Date: Wed Jan 20 2021 - 13:51:59 EST


On 1/19/21 4:19 PM, Madhavan T. Venkataraman wrote:

Sorry for the late reply. The last RFC for arm64 support in objtool is a bit old because it was preferable to split things into smaller series.

I touched it much lately, so I'm picking it back up and will try to get a git branch into shape on a recent mainline (a few things need fixing since the last time I rebased it).

I'll update you once I have something at least usable/presentable.


I just sent some series the arm64 objtool support:

There are still some things missing, so if you want to investigate a more complete state I have a branch:
$ git clone -b objtoolxarm64-latest

Let me know if there are any questions related to it.


Julien Thierry