Re: [PATCH Broadcom/stblinux] soc: brcmstb: add stubs for getting platform IDs

From: Rafał Miłecki
Date: Wed Jan 20 2021 - 22:21:38 EST

On 20.01.2021 20:58, Florian Fainelli wrote:
On 1/20/2021 11:48 AM, Florian Fainelli wrote:
On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 11:53:18 +0100, Rafał Miłecki <zajec5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From: Rafał Miłecki <rafal@xxxxxxxxxx>

Some brcmstb drivers may be shared with other SoC families. E.g. the
same USB PHY block is shared by brcmstb and BCM4908.

To avoid building brcmstb common code on non-brcmstb platforms we need
stubs for:
1. brcmstb_get_family_id()
2. brcmstb_get_product_id()
(to avoid "undefined reference to" errors).

With this change PHY_BRCM_USB will not have to unconditionally select
SOC_BRCMSTB anymore.

Signed-off-by: Rafał Miłecki <rafal@xxxxxxxxxx>

Applied to drivers/next, thanks!

Made some tweaks to the patch:

- subject is prefixed with: soc: bcm: brcmstb to match previous patches
- used IS_ENABLED() instead of #ifdef because this may have to be a
loadable module in the future (because of GKI)


Thank you!