Re: [PATCH] objtool: Don't fail the kernel build on fatal errors

From: György Andrasek
Date: Thu Jan 21 2021 - 02:45:30 EST

> This is basically a revert of commit 644592d32837 ("objtool: Fail the
kernel build on fatal errors").

> That change turned out to be more trouble than it's worth.

...I'm sorry, what? Fatal errors are normal for you people? Seriously? I've been compiling my own kernel since 2004, I've never seen one. I'd like some explanation on this.

> Failing the build is an extreme measure which sometimes gets too much attention and blocks CI build testing.

If you already know it's broken, there's no point testing it. Why are you so desperately trying to ignore it? Are you getting paid to be here or are you this stupid for free?

Have you tried calling an ambulance on Android lately? I can reboot my Huawei with schedtool on Termux. Unrooted, stock. THE LINUX KERNEL IS MEASURED IN HUMAN LIVES.

> These fatal-type warnings


> aren't yet as rare as we'd hope

How many times do you need to ignore an obvious compiler bug until you hope it away?

> due to the ever-increasing matrix of supported toolchains/plugins

llvm+clang compiles with cmake. In "Release" mode, cmake helpfully appends a -O3 for you, which is the kind of "optimization" where the compiler deliberately misinterprets the programmer's intention to declare an UB, and then uses its godlike might to decide the target of an explicit constcast is unreachable. If you recompile systemd with the result, it will not understand your password anymore. This was yesterday. The day before, it errored out on m4 with some undefined linkage into compiler-rt. WITH AN EXPLICIT --rtlib=libgcc FLAG ON A GCC-BASED DISTRO

exec /usr/bin/gcc "${@}" -O2

...or did you find a third broken compiler somewhere?

> Also, there are more people (and bots) looking for objtool warnings than ever before, so such warnings not likely to be ignored for long.

Why not? You seem to be doing just fine.

Ask OpenBSD for a toolchain, see if it works. Or better yet, ask them to build the kernel for you.

This has already been Reviewed-by.

I'm rejecting both these morons as invalid. Please review everything they've been doing lately.


Yo, Linus! What the fuck is this shit? I'm tempted to I don't care which one of these whiny little bitches cut your dick off and stuffed it into your mouth. Either spit it out or swallow and shit it out, but we can't afford this.

Source-based Linux is dead. Gentoo is a cronjob spewing out endless broken stage3's, and every single Exherbo dev has unsubscribed from their own mailing list. I'm the last one standing. I've spent the last two weeks trying to review the damage. I'm not going to package it either, but you need to know why. Also, I've quit my job because I couldn't sleep for four days straight.

I'm typing this in Thunderbird because fucking KONSOLE SEGFAULTED WHEN I TYPED VIM. I do not feel at home on a binary distro, and I cannot build a browser on a real one. I would like to explain politely, under the [foxfire] tag. Anyone who does not want to know why I think it likely that some Gentoo+ maintainers have literally committed suicide, feel free to filter it out.

Should you happen to agree with some of my opinions, I'd like you to revert every single "fix" for "undefined behavior" that was merged for clang. The C standard committee does not define the result because they have no idea whether it makes sense in context AND THEY KNOW IT. I mean seriously, why do these need a lawyer to know whether or not const is just a helpful suggestion in a UNIX KERNEL?

And we build with -std=gnu -fgnu-keywords -fuck-your-pdf (I mean, did you get at least this far?). We don't have any more flags to tell you you're not in Kansas, Dorothy. You don't give us more.

There's nothing undefined about the concept of "Linux boots on MIPS". THERE IS LITERALLY NO OTHER DEFINITION OF A KERNEL AND IT WORKS WHEN I BUILD THE TOOLCHAIN. If you fucked it up, that's not our problem.

cmake+llvm builds with -Wno-maybe-uninitialized. They can't even fix their warnings, so they hide it. This is not a compiler, it's a random number generator.


I came here as a last, desperate stance to get organized and shovel the shit back in the horse, and this is what I find. Oh well. At least it will be educational.