Re: [PATCH v3 05/12] opp: Add dev_pm_opp_set_voltage()

From: Viresh Kumar
Date: Thu Jan 21 2021 - 06:48:18 EST

On 21-01-21, 00:57, Dmitry Osipenko wrote:
> 18.01.2021 22:14, Dmitry Osipenko пишет:
> > Sounds like it could be a lot of code moving and some extra complexity
> > will be added to the code. If nobody will ever need the universal
> > dev_pm_opp_set_opp(), then it could become a wasted effort. I'd choose
> > the easiest path, i.e. to defer the dev_pm_opp_set_opp() implementation
> > until somebody will really need it.
> >
> > But if it looks to you that it won't be a too much effort, then I'll
> > appreciate if you could type the patch.


> Let's start with dev_pm_opp_set_voltage() for now. It shouldn't be a
> problem at all to upgrade it to dev_pm_opp_set_opp() later on.
> I'll make a v4 with the dev_pm_opp_set_voltage(), please let me know if
> you have objections or more suggestions!

Sorry about this, I have been working on this stuff for last 2 days. I
didn't reply earlier as I thought I would be able to finish this
earlier. Once you see the patches you will see it was a significant
change :)

I have cc'd you to the relevant patches now. Please see if they work
fine for you or not.