Re: [PATCH V5 5/5] of: unittest: Statically apply overlays using fdtoverlay

From: Viresh Kumar
Date: Thu Jan 21 2021 - 22:12:01 EST

On 22-01-21, 10:39, David Gibson wrote:
> No, it definitely will not work in general. It might kinda work in a
> few trivial cases, but it absolutely will not do the neccessary
> handling in some cases.
> > I
> > did inspect the output dtb (made by merging two overlays) using
> > fdtdump and it looked okay.
> Ok.. but if you're using these bizarre messed up "dtbs" that this test
> code seems to be, I don't really trust that tells you much.

I only looked if the changes from the second overlay were present in
the merge and they were. And so I assumed that it must have worked.

What about checking the base dtb for /plugin/; in fdtoverlay and fail
the whole thing in case it is present ? I think it is possible for
people to get confused otherwise, like I did.