Re: [PATCH 2/3] iommu/amd: Don't call early_amd_iommu_init() when AMD IOMMU is disabled

From: Joerg Roedel
Date: Wed Mar 17 2021 - 09:33:43 EST

On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 11:47:11AM +0000, David Woodhouse wrote:
> If you've already moved the Stoney Ridge check out of the way, there's
> no real reason why you can't just set init_state=IOMMU_CMDLINE_DISABLED
> directly from parse_amd_iommu_options(), is there? Then you don't need
> the condition here at all?

True, there is even more room for optimization. The amd_iommu_disabled
variable can go away entirely, including its checks in
early_amd_iommu_init(). I will do a patch-set on-top of this for v5.13
which does more cleanups.