Question about sg_count_fuse_req() in linux/fs/fuse/virtio_fs.c

From: Connor Kuehl
Date: Wed Mar 17 2021 - 14:13:20 EST


I've been familiarizing myself with the virtiofs guest kernel module and I'm trying to better understand how virtiofs maps a FUSE request into scattergather lists.

sg_count_fuse_req() starts knowing that there will be at least one in header, as shown here (which makes sense):

unsigned int size, total_sgs = 1 /* fuse_in_header */;

However, I'm confused about this snippet right beneath it:

if (args->in_numargs - args->in_pages)
total_sgs += 1;

What is the significance of the sg that is needed in the cases where this branch is taken? I'm not sure what its relationship is with args->in_numargs since it will increment total_sgs regardless args->in_numargs is 3, 2, or even 1 if args->in_pages is false.

Especially since the block right below it counts pages if args->in_pages is true:

if (args->in_pages) {
size = args->in_args[args->in_numargs - 1].size;
total_sgs += sg_count_fuse_pages(ap->descs, ap->num_pages,

The rest of the routine goes on similarly but for the 'out' components.

I doubt incrementing 'total_sgs' in the first if-statement I showed above is vestigial, I just think my mental model of what is happening here is incomplete.

Any clarification is much appreciated!