Re: [PATCH v2] mm: Move mem_init_print_info() into mm_init()

From: Kefeng Wang
Date: Wed Mar 17 2021 - 21:03:09 EST

On 2021/3/18 2:48, Dave Hansen wrote:
On 3/16/21 6:52 PM, Kefeng Wang wrote:
mem_init_print_info() is called in mem_init() on each architecture,
and pass NULL argument, so using void argument and move it into mm_init().

Acked-by: Dave Hansen <dave.hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
It's not a big deal but you might want to say something like:

Acked-by: Dave Hansen <dave.hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> # x86 bits

Just to make it clear that I didn't look at the alpha bits at all. :)
Get it, will be careful, thanks.