(Riy-ID#3545) - Newsletter to linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: Hallman
Date: Thu Mar 18 2021 - 12:54:55 EST

Good day there,

We are presently searching for proficient & knowledgeable people to become part of our friendly business. We feel that your experience and skills will be an excellent fit for our team.


- Capability to interact, read, and simply write in English
- Dependable access to the internet and typical personal computer understanding
- Outstanding multitask abilities + focus on small-scale details
- No criminal history records and problems with the law
- Only the people that are legally licensed to function in the USA are approved.

This can be a very good opportunity to be a part of our business while working remotely.
If you require more info, kindly respond to this e-mail, and we'll send you additional facts promptly.

Mr. Hallman Matusiak.