Re: [PATCH v16 0/9] arm64: ARMv8.5-A: MTE: Add async mode support

From: Catalin Marinas
Date: Thu Mar 18 2021 - 14:58:53 EST

On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 01:20:10PM +0000, Vincenzo Frascino wrote:
> This patchset implements the asynchronous mode support for ARMv8.5-A
> Memory Tagging Extension (MTE), which is a debugging feature that allows
> to detect with the help of the architecture the C and C++ programmatic
> memory errors like buffer overflow, use-after-free, use-after-return, etc.
> MTE is built on top of the AArch64 v8.0 virtual address tagging TBI
> (Top Byte Ignore) feature and allows a task to set a 4 bit tag on any
> subset of its address space that is multiple of a 16 bytes granule. MTE
> is based on a lock-key mechanism where the lock is the tag associated to
> the physical memory and the key is the tag associated to the virtual
> address.
> When MTE is enabled and tags are set for ranges of address space of a task,
> the PE will compare the tag related to the physical memory with the tag
> related to the virtual address (tag check operation). Access to the memory
> is granted only if the two tags match. In case of mismatch the PE will raise
> an exception.
> The exception can be handled synchronously or asynchronously. When the
> asynchronous mode is enabled:
> - Upon fault the PE updates the TFSR_EL1 register.
> - The kernel detects the change during one of the following:
> - Context switching
> - Return to user/EL0
> - Kernel entry from EL1
> - Kernel exit to EL1
> - If the register has been updated by the PE the kernel clears it and
> reports the error.
> The series is based on linux-next/akpm.

Andrew, could you please pick these patches up via the mm tree? They
depend on kasan patches already queued.

Andrey, all the kasan patches have your acked-by with the
address and you've been cc'ed on that. You may want to update the
.mailmap file in the kernel.