Re: remove the legacy ide driver

From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
Date: Sun Mar 21 2021 - 05:21:49 EST

Hello Christoph!

On 3/18/21 5:56 AM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> libata mostly covers all hardware supported by the legacy ide driver.
> There are three mips drivers that are not supported, but the linux-mips
> list could not identify any users of those. There also are two m68k
> drivers that do not have libata equivalents, which might or might not
> have users, so we'll need some input and possibly help from the m68k
> community here.

I think those drivers were the Q60 driver and the MacIDE driver, weren't they?

Either way, I have so far been unsuccessful in obtaining access to these machines
but I assume once we gain access to such machines, Bartlomiej could convert the
drivers the same way he already converted the falcon, gayle and buddha drivers,
for example.

One could also just convert the drivers to libata and include them untested, the
conversion itself seems pretty little work for someone experienced with libata.


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