Re: drivers/char/rust_example fails to load 2021-03-20 builds

From: Adam Bratschi-Kaye
Date: Mon Mar 22 2021 - 04:23:52 EST

> How to tell "use older parts in toolchain"?
> Yeah, probably a Rust newbie question, still a sincere question.
> Was a older version installed? How to tell `rustup` to keep old
> versions? Was done with a cargo.toml entry? Or with file
> `rust-toolchain`? Please tell (Please spoon feed me ;-)

Using `rust-toolchain.toml` should work.
Another option would be to override the default version for the given
directory with
`rustup override set nightly-2021-02-20`.

You could also set the global default `rustc` to a specific nightly release:
`rustup default nightly-2021-02-20`.

More info here: