Re: [PATCH v3] gpio: pl061: Support implementations without GPIOINTR line

From: Alexander Sverdlin
Date: Mon Mar 22 2021 - 04:51:19 EST

Hello Linus, Andy,

On 20/03/2021 12:10, Linus Walleij wrote:
>>> I'm wondering if the GPIO library support for IRQ hierarchy is what
>>> you are looking for.
> It is indeed what should be used.

and what has been used in my patch?

>> do you have a better suggestion? That's why I reference the below discussion from 2017, where
>> Linus Walleij suggested to use it. Well, the initial patch was just 11-liner and PL061 is
>> rather counterexample and doesn't fit well into the existing hierarchical infrastructure.
>>>> Link:
> Don't trust that guy. He's inexperienced with the new API and talks a lot
> of crap. ;)

Yes, that's my impression now as well ;)


> 4. Implement pl061_child_to_parent_nokia_rock_n_roll()
> Just use hardcoded hardware IRQ offsets like other drivers such as
> the ixp4xx does. Do not attempt to read any parent IRQs from
> the device tree, and assign no IRQ in the device tree.
> This is a side effect of the essentially per-soc pecularities around
> interrupts. The interrupt is not cascaded so it need special
> handling.
> I think it can be done with quite little code.

Guys, have you actually looked onto my patch before these reviews?

Best regards,
Alexander Sverdlin.